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DJ song remix

By 1 November 2015 1140 Views No comments

5 questions about getting a DJ song remix released

Have you ever though about releasing a DJ song remix? Perhaps even wondered how to remix? There are lots of questions associated to remixing music songs if you haven't made one before. Not only questions related to how to remix, but also is it worth the time? Many remix stems don't come with full resale rights and this can hamper your income upon release.

Remix songs made to win | This is how you can stand out

By 14 September 2014 1330 Views No comments

For an EDM DJ producer, it is very important to stand out from the masses of Artists out there today. One way is to remix songs that people know well and are popular. Famous DJ entertainers commonly use very popular songs to remix.

Avicii for example remade and remixed the song “Hey Brother” and made it his own. The benefits of remix songs that were popular and now old, are that no one within the fan base of your artist name usually knows the original track , but the effect of the well designed track remains. Many Hip Hop artists as well love to use and sample old popular and melodic songs to boost how unique and recognisable their music becomes.