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a and r music label contacts | Finding the right one for you

By 8 April 2016 430 Views No comments

A and r music label contacts can be difficult to find. Especially if you've focused on producing music for release rather than a specific style suited to your favourite record label. So we've created a section to help you find the right a and r contacts for you.

Free music online offered by DJs | A smart move

By 27 June 2015 493 Views No comments

Free music online offered by DJs is good marketing. It is something that many fans seek. When we researched this key phrase, we found that an very large amount of people look to download free music every month. So how can you benefit from this as a DJ?

1. Well considering that there is much interest in gaining free music online, then you can perhaps consider grasping some of this traffic onto your platforms.

2. If you have a DJ website or profile online, perhaps advertising this feature is not a bad thing to do. If you don’t then hang in there and we will make this available for you.

3. Don’t risk loosing out on potential fans by stocking up on sellable DJ assets and give some of your music away for free.

Offer free music to download | Marketing tips for DJs

By 26 June 2015 444 Views No comments

Offering free music to download is beneficial for DJs. Enjoying free music whether it be through Youtube streaming, through Apple music, iTunes or one of the many downloading or streaming platforms out there, is a favourite thing for your fans to do.

Fans love to download free music, and why shouldn’t they? Fans get to listen to their favourite artists, create epic playlists for any occasion and all for either a fraction of the cost of an album or nothing at all.

The downloading culture that we have today within the music industry has been blamed for many a loss of revenue and could be argued to have made ‘making it’ as an online DJ harder than ever before. However, by fans downloading your music, free or otherwise will create and boost your popularity worldwide promoting your DJ music and gain you status within your genre and the music community.

Instrumental music | How to mix into your music production

By 25 June 2015 643 Views No comments

Instrumental music is difficult to mix and master into your music production and live sets. DJs do like performing instrumental tracks as it gives the original a twist and allows more focus on the creativity of the actual music.

Adding new elements into the music production is also a key factor to consider. Overall, the music track you bring out must be relatable, but have individuality that provides you as a DJ much recognition.

DJ 2015 | A difficult year to make money

By 22 June 2015 543 Views No comments

DJ 2015, a difficult year to make money, so how to be the best this year? Well it's certainly not easy with the competition that's around these days. Of course the added difficulty rises from the increased exclusivity that the music industry giants are focusing on achieving.

In this year for the DJ of 2015, it's becoming harder to freely advertise and sell your music productions. With streaming platforms on the rise, there's less and less money for the artists to share.

For any major DJ 2015 it is close to equally beneficial, whose tracks get played thousands or more times a day. For a lesser known DJ, their income for 2015 will decrease from the years before. At least when discussing track sales or music production profits.