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EDM music production | Taking control of your DJ career

By 25 October 2015 449 Views No comments

Our ghost producers are excellent at making any EDM music production from scratch. The majority of our Custom ghost production requests are EDM related. Our team is also happy to mimic any style you want. EDM ghost productions vary greatly in genre and sound design. To be able to work with any given EDM genre, one needs a large pool of experienced music producers at the ready. Any one man band EDM audio production service will lack the individuality you want. No single person can confidently work in every sub-genre and successfully complete any talks laid at their feet. EDM studios focus too much on segmented and organised styles, where many seek that blend and hence individuality to gain recognition for their DJ name.

How to become a DJ producer

By 15 October 2015 642 Views No comments

Becoming a DJ producer for us here at Producer Factory is simply a contradiction. Either one focuses on being a DJ, or a music producer. Working on both tasks is inefficient. To be the best DJ possible, one has to implement teamwork and this branches out into many areas of DJ activities. Music producers on the other hand have to invest large amounts of money and time to become the best. DJs have to do the same, but in different areas. Let’s break down the differences and see the clashes more clearly to understand why you shouldn’t think about how to become a DJ producer.

How to become a DJ | Easy 3 steps

By 9 October 2015 1008 Views No comments

Becoming a DJ is not easy, especially with all the competition that is out there today. EDM DJs have a tough time reaching the top as it becomes easier to be a DJ. This in turn floods the market with individuals who dilute your DJ name and brand a thousand fold. Now more than ever, if you want to become a professional DJ then the key factor is to stand out. Many achieve this with original ideas when considering to become a DJ, but for many, it’s best to stick to the norm and follow our plan to stand out. The best and quickest answer to how to become a DJ is simply learn using YouTube and lessons, practice and let us make your next EDM ghost production release.

DJ jobs in clubs and find a DJ agency

By 9 October 2015 847 Views No comments

As a DJ, jobs won’t simply fly into your inbox everyday unless you’re connected to a DJ agency and have something to offer. If you’re looking to turn your DJ career into a profession, then the main thing you need to achieve is gaining income. Dj bookings and job are what you need. But how to become a club DJ and where to look for jobs? Is looking for jobs the right way to approach the problem of no bookings at the weekend? There are a few things you and every DJ normally does. Firstly however, let's look at what you need to have to present yourself professionally.