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Music manager | Do you need one?

By 8 April 2016 385 Views No comments

Music manager as a job title is becoming more and more redundant these days. The only music artists who need a manager to get their music career sorted are those who travel the world on a daily basis and can't afford the time to arrange gigs and DJ jobs themselves. Understandably it all comes down to efficiency versus gain. If your alias and persona would make more money with a music manager by your side after the cuts are taken, then having one is for you. If not, then you can easily do the work yourself and save during your growth period as a DJ.

Get your online DJ career started today

By 21 January 2016 728 Views No comments

DJ online and join in contests to show you're the best | Get your online DJ career started today!

DJs have a tough time standing out. Well so you'd think. There are so many ways to get you DJ name generating interest, it's a shame if you miss out on even one of the points I'll list.

Let's take a look at how online DJs go about getting fans and followers. Remember, fans and followers equals power in the music industry and that can help get you a guaranteed record label deal. Join remix comps and DJ online with streaming options to make the most of the Internet infrastructure as a DJ.

DJ blog at Producer Factory

By 9 December 2015 471 Views No comments

DJ blog at Producer Factory

Our DJ blog has helped thousands find the right piece of info they need to get that extra boost needed for their DJ career. Sometimes trying to get noticed is a tough process, but rest assured, help is near. Our blog for DJs and forums offer tips and tricks as well as clear insight into the DJing world. Learn how to DJ and produce music, get to know the benefits of ghost production and find the right path for your DJ name.

How to get DJ songs for release

By 30 October 2015 726 Views No comments

As a DJ, you're probably looking into how your career can be boosted. The main aspects to consider for your DJ career are songs that suit your existing music. I don't just mean music for DJs that don’t belong to you, but exclusive DJ songs that you can release using your DJ name, generating attention and strength compared to your competitors.

n the DJ world, rivalry is just as vigorous as in any other business. Those with an established brand have it easy. Those who don't, don't. The struggle lies in the detail and it's easy to lose focus of your end goal to have a successful EDM career. For this reason I thought we'd take a look at some problems DJs experience.

EDM music production | Taking control of your DJ career

By 25 October 2015 445 Views No comments

Our ghost producers are excellent at making any EDM music production from scratch. The majority of our Custom ghost production requests are EDM related. Our team is also happy to mimic any style you want. EDM ghost productions vary greatly in genre and sound design. To be able to work with any given EDM genre, one needs a large pool of experienced music producers at the ready. Any one man band EDM audio production service will lack the individuality you want. No single person can confidently work in every sub-genre and successfully complete any talks laid at their feet. EDM studios focus too much on segmented and organised styles, where many seek that blend and hence individuality to gain recognition for their DJ name.

Learn to DJ

By 22 October 2015 1149 Views No comments

If you're looking into learning how to be a DJ, then perhaps you'll need to review our first blog entry regarding this. Get to know some DJ lingo and then return here to learn to DJ like a boss. In a competitive world of music, making sure your DJ name gets noticed is key. Attention gets you fans and followers, a stronger online presence, club DJ jobs and a music label. The more you have to offer, the more you’ll get. Learn to DJ like a pro and not just for actually learning how to DJ. These are two very different things. DJing is the act of mixing in-front of a crowd, but once you can DJ like a pro, you will understand the industry key elements to success.

DJ as a Career

By 22 October 2015 359 Views No comments

So many, young and old love the idea of being a DJ as a career. A career in DJ is not an easy feat to achieve. Most DJ careers end in nothing ever kickstarting, but there’s a reason for this. If you want to become a famous DJ, then you need to follow the formula of the stars today. Perhaps even thinking ahead and being more spectacular.

The question about how to become a famous DJ is most relevant to those who truly wish to aspire and DJ as a career. Hobby DJs love their on an off weekends at local clubs. These type of DJ jobs however can become very tiresome and as you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking and wanting to know what the next step is. Well, let me please ask you a few questions about how to DJ as a career.

    How to become a DJ producer

    By 15 October 2015 634 Views No comments

    Becoming a DJ producer for us here at Producer Factory is simply a contradiction. Either one focuses on being a DJ, or a music producer. Working on both tasks is inefficient. To be the best DJ possible, one has to implement teamwork and this branches out into many areas of DJ activities. Music producers on the other hand have to invest large amounts of money and time to become the best. DJs have to do the same, but in different areas. Let’s break down the differences and see the clashes more clearly to understand why you shouldn’t think about how to become a DJ producer.