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How to become a DJ | Easy 3 steps

By 9 October 2015 1003 Views No comments

Becoming a DJ is not easy, especially with all the competition that is out there today. EDM DJs have a tough time reaching the top as it becomes easier to be a DJ. This in turn floods the market with individuals who dilute your DJ name and brand a thousand fold. Now more than ever, if you want to become a professional DJ then the key factor is to stand out. Many achieve this with original ideas when considering to become a DJ, but for many, it’s best to stick to the norm and follow our plan to stand out. The best and quickest answer to how to become a DJ is simply learn using YouTube and lessons, practice and let us make your next EDM ghost production release.

DJ jobs in clubs and find a DJ agency

By 9 October 2015 842 Views No comments

As a DJ, jobs won’t simply fly into your inbox everyday unless you’re connected to a DJ agency and have something to offer. If you’re looking to turn your DJ career into a profession, then the main thing you need to achieve is gaining income. Dj bookings and job are what you need. But how to become a club DJ and where to look for jobs? Is looking for jobs the right way to approach the problem of no bookings at the weekend? There are a few things you and every DJ normally does. Firstly however, let's look at what you need to have to present yourself professionally.