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Music recording software and which one for your home studio is best

By Producerfactory 13 September 2015 746 Views No comments

Music recording software and which one for your home studio is best

There is a big list of various software for recording music to choose from. A difficult question to address is which one is best for you? It all really comes down to what you wanted to use the music program for? There are multiple components of a music recording program that you may want to balance out to get the most out of the DAW to be compatible for your needs. This blog will look at those various attributes and features, the different music recording software and which is the right one for each specific use. As all music programs have various combinations of strengths, we hope that this blog will help you decide which DAW is best and why our ghost producers, session musicians and mastering engineers love to use different ones.

​How to produce music and which DAW is best

By Producerfactory 5 September 2015 1099 Views No comments

Producing music is not easy. If you’re looking to work on music productions as a hobby and not to take it seriously, then its something that you should follow. If you’re wanting to know how to produce music and turn it into a profession, then we recommend you be very serious about it. Music production is a task that so many begin and after a couple of years realise, that they are never going to reach the level of the top music producers online today. After investing a lot of money in studio equipment and the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as well as controllers for your equipment and sound systems, it has to earn money back. The short lived online music producers simply get frustrated about the lack of knowledge and it’s apparent that even the best music producer today is still learning how to produce music properly. So considering that this is one of the toughest projects to embark on, with high cost and most likely low to no income, then do think twice. We of course don’t want to stop you from producing music, but it’ll be a long uphill climb for about 5-10 years.