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DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers | Producer Factory

By 23 June 2015 1025 Views No comments

DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers at Producer Factory:

My DJ collaboration story with Producer Factory starts following my attempt as a DJ to stem into music producing.

I had been mixing for several years before it got to the point where I felt my sets needed something by me in them, not only to further my DJ career and set myself apart from the rest, but to fulfil a life-long desire to make my own music tracks. So I did some background research, bought a popular music production program, took an online course and got cracking on my first track.

Remix contests can get you signed | Learn how

By 20 September 2014 679 Views No comments

Remix contests can challenge your music production abilities. Entering a remix contest is an effective way to present your skills. Starting with remix stems and producing something fantastic can be a very rewarding.

Turning an original track into something refreshing and new is certainly no easy task. Music producers have always used remix contests to show off their skills, or practice their abilities and see what the general consensus about their audio production is. Feedback from the general public can be daunting, but don't forget that those who don't offer constructive criticism probably can't make anything worth listening to anyways.