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What Hardware does a music producer need?

By 25 February 2016 558 Views No comments

A home studio of a music producer requires many Hardware components to make beats. First one must research the right music production equipment for the chosen genre.

Here's an example list:

Synthesizer - a highly recommend synth is the Virus TI that costs around £1'700

Beat maker - one of the best brands are Akai, or simply the Machine 2.0. This costs around £200

What is a music producer?

By 9 February 2016 454 Views No comments

A thousand people a month ask this question in Google alone. So let's take a look at "what is a music producer?" and try to explain what that job title entails.

Here at Producer Factory, we have under contract over 60 music producers who help our clients looking for Ghost Producers to boost their release portfolio. As common as this process is within the EDM industry, many DJs try to teach themselves the art of music production. But what is a music producer?

Music Production EDM | 5 habits to avoid when learning to produce music

By 26 October 2015 464 Views No comments

If you're at the start of learning how to produce music, then there are some common mistakes to avoid. Becoming a music producer is hard work. Not knowing exactly where to begin, or who to turn to can be daunting. Just know that today you're spoiled for choice and have the world at your fingertips. Regarding a starting position to learn EDM production, you're not far off pole. Let's take a look at music production in EDM and 5 habits to avoid when learning how to produce music.

​Become a music producer by joining our music producer school

By ProducerFactory 8 September 2015 371 Views No comments

Become a music producer by joining our music producer school

Have you ever thought of becoming a music producer? If so, then you’ve most likely thought of joining a online music producer school right? Well how about if our range of skilled music producers are for hire to do one on one tuition so you can learn the tricks of music production. Here you can review a music track that suits your style and buy the package to download the video, files and project file all in one. Then using the video you can rebuild and follow each step to create your perfect music production and become a music producer. Our music producer school will help you leap forward in your producing skills. Become a part of a supportive community and let our top professionals help you learn the best tricks using any music production programs suitable for EDM. Don’t wait to become a music producer professionally and get your learning tools suited to your music production programs.