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Good music label | How to join one

By 10 April 2016 458 Views No comments

A good music label is hard to get into nowadays. The competition is hefty and numerous. So how do your chances match up to getting onto a top label? Well we can say they're 100% or your money back.

Our guaranteed 360° release package will get you into any good record label within the tech house, techno and house genres.

We have 2 core options available, the solo or co-release option with the producer of the track. Furthermore you have the choice of an A-C list top record label. Prices range from £499-£1299.

a and r music label contacts | Finding the right one for you

By 8 April 2016 430 Views No comments

A and r music label contacts can be difficult to find. Especially if you've focused on producing music for release rather than a specific style suited to your favourite record label. So we've created a section to help you find the right a and r contacts for you.

What is a&r | Artist and Repertoire | Contacts

By 8 April 2016 614 Views No comments

"What is A&R?", is a common question within the music industry. A&R is the division of a record label or music publishing house that takes care of any music submissions by new DJs and they look after existing signed artists. It's kind of the human resources section for everyday companies.

If you're asking what is A&R, then it's safe to say you're hoping to get signed to a record label. Getting a substantial record deal is key to kick starting or relaunching your DJ career. All our customers are hoping for this breakthrough and thankfully we've helped many achieve their goal or beat their expectations with our two services. Either via bulk mailing suitable record label A&R contacts in your genre, or by acquiring a guaranteed release package to get on a top record music label of today.