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360° Package review | Customer feedback for guaranteed releases

By 19 May 2016 377 Views No comments

The new 360-degree service offered by Producerfactory really is the best career-launching package you could possibly hope for. Not only does it provide the expertise of top-quality ghost producers to make your dream track, but it also goes one step further by providing a guaranteed release of that track on a record label.

Producerfactory's flexibility also allows the service to be completely tailored to your needs. No matter what your requirements or budget, you can get yourself signed. Whether it be a single track released as a DJ collaboration with your chosen producer on an entry-level label, or a 3-track EP released in your own name on a major label, Producerfactory has it covered.

Good music label | How to join one

By 10 April 2016 453 Views No comments

A good music label is hard to get into nowadays. The competition is hefty and numerous. So how do your chances match up to getting onto a top label? Well we can say they're 100% or your money back.

Our guaranteed 360° release package will get you into any good record label within the tech house, techno and house genres.

We have 2 core options available, the solo or co-release option with the producer of the track. Furthermore you have the choice of an A-C list top record label. Prices range from £499-£1299.

How best to contact record labels and what should I include in the E-mail?

By 22 November 2015 4554 Views No comments

Contacting record labels is part of the everyday life of a DJ. Not only contacting them, but also getting declined and rarely accepted. If accepted it's usually to their last choice of music label.

So, how should you go about contacting record companies?

It's best to contact these establishments by E-mail. E-mail is very trustworthy and is reflected by some time reviewing them. You have to understand that these music labels receive tens if not hundreds of release requests a day. Your aim is then to stand out from the masses.