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Session Vocalists and Musicians work for hire

Session Vocalists and Musicians work for hire
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Session Musicians for hire and Vocalists

Our new section “Session Musicians” is now online. Finally we have found those handful of musicians and vocalists who are world renowned. This service will offer you the option to hire Session Musicians of your choice to add a custom layer to your track. Buying samples is one way about adding pre-recorded elements, but sadly you can’t custom make a sample when buying a pack. Now the choice and freedom is yours to enjoy. If you feel your music production needs a female vocal layer to add that special something, then you can hire our vocalists and enjoy a fat layer to make your track memorable. It’s so easy you won’t ever look to sample packs again to fit your style. You can now work with any recording artist in online whilst in their studio they prepare your custom vocal layer. With advanced knowledge of recording equipment, our Session Musicians are perfectly adapted to your needs and desires.

Where can I find a female vocalist to work for hire?

In our Session Musician tab, you’ll see a dropdown where there are a few points to choose from. In that list, there’s Session Musician profiles and once you click here, you’ll be taken to our Session Musicians for your review. All profiles have been handpicked by extensive searching in the net and we’ve found the best suited musicians expertly experienced in the work for hire segment. Out of the handful of Session Musician profiles, you’ll find a few female vocalists you can review demos of and hire. Female vocalists who have had years of experience, featured on top selling albums and much more, are a dream come true for any music producer. Many of our visitors know how to produce music in a variety of genres including Electro House and Tech House. Everyone knows that in the sample music industry has one catch. Female vocals suited to the EDM scene are rare. Now simply find a female vocalists and hire directly for your track. This means you can work with the Session Vocalist and arrange the best solution regarding the vocals you’re looking for.

How does the Session Musician hiring process work?

As ever at Producer Factory, you’re in full control and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let’s take a look at hiring a Session Musician.

  1. Find the right vocalist or musician you need for your production.
  2. Select the Hire for Custom Stem option and let us know what you want to be recorded. Send us demos and your track for review, and provide us with a budget so we can estimate how much time this recording of vocals can take. You’ll receive a quote and once paid, we’ll begin work.
  3. You’ll receive a demo to comment on and the the final will be made and the files sent to you.

That’s it, you now have your new female vocal, guitar, saxophone layer and many more at your fingertips.

Can I hire for a multilayer stem like vocals with an instrument Session?

Of course you can. Our Session Musicians will happily work together to ensure your multi stem track is created to perfection. Perfectly adapted to your needs and music track read for release into the EDM industry. The value of custom layers is indescribable. With samples being used again and again by everyone, your use will be much less spectacular than if you used a custom service to ensure your production reaches the level you desire.

With a multi stem recording project, you’ll have the same three steps as before, but the files will contain each layer separately. This gives you the fullest flexibility possible and can integrate the recorded elements without delay or problem. If you however need any online mixing and mastering to perfect your track, then please don’t hesitate to contact our online mastering engineers. They’ll be more than happy to assist.

So to finalise, a service with Session Musicians, Ghost Producers and Mixing Mastering Engineers is simply the way forward if you want female vocals placed into your track professionally, or even male vocals, saxophone stem and many more. Our Session Musician section and Producer Factory has it all at your fingertips. So, don’t hesitate and don’t hang about considering how you possibly can stand out from the masses. We have all you need to find a Session Musician for hire, arrange your EDM music production and get it finalised using online mixing and mastering services.

ProducerFactory 2 October 2015 at 00:39
Well our first week with Session Musicians and Vocalists has gone great! Thanks to all the customers and those taking part recording custom vocals in their home studio. We're on the rise and look forward to more jobs to help DJs improve their music releases. Good luck to all!