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Session Musicians for hire are sought after at Producer Factory

Session Musicians for hire are sought after at Producer Factory
By Producerfactory 16 August 2015 471 Views No comments

I am David from Producer Factory. Can you work independently on creative music ideas? Session Musicians for hire are sought after at Producer Factory

We’re Producer Factory and are looking to expand our network. Originally our ghost production service has reached levels of success we never expected. We sell complete music productions using over 60 ghost producers, both in-store and custom made. Our clients are looking to remain original and offer their fans top quality music. Through this gateway, we have built a large customer base of thousands and a 75% new customer rate per month.

What our customers could want from our Studio Session custom samples:

We've experienced everything from our customers that anyone could ever want. Track builds, complete from scratch custom tracks, mastering and much more. What I would like to focus on here is the massive desire for live recorded Vocals, Instrument layers and exclusive samples. You may not know this, but all music producers have the issue of overused samples that man before them could also have used. The Electronic music industry is becoming less and less original. With your help, this can change.

How can we benefit you as a Session Musician for hire?

  • A picture perfect presentation profile section and the chance to get business using our targeted audience.
  • Making money risk free doing what you love, music.
  • Work with our clients on exciting projects, mostly large high profile projects.
  • Push your own career and expand your connectivity to the best.
  • Earn straightforward cash with no restrictions or limitations selling your instrument/vocal recordings. You make your way freely at Producer Factory.
  • Upload products in your own time for one-time exclusive sale.
  • Join the fastest growing niche site in the music industry and become part of the team. We are a caring community.

What we expect from our Session Recording Artists:

  • Reliability if you wish to work on custom projects (more money).
  • Passion for music.
  • Exceptional skill in your instrument/vocal recording.
  • Trust and fairness.
  • The desire to earn money rightfully doing what you love.
  • Just to be 100% clear, there’s no fee, no obligation, nothing. Make your success with us, or leave it be. We’re open to all talented musicians and producers.

Why open this new section?

  • We all are from musical backgrounds. We want to help musicians along with making money where comfortable and becoming a part of something bigger.
  • Supporting talent is our passion and creating teamwork to bring the best music online is simply a beautiful project to be a part of.

Join us now and we’ll be happy to welcome you with open arms. Become a part of our team today.

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