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Sample music industry | How we will improve it

Sample music industry | How we will improve it
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Music samples needed for music production are always hard to find. There always only seems to be a small selection of really good sample packs and kits. I emphasise seem as there are many excellent samples out there, but the whole pack is a waste of money. Buying a sample pack for your music genre and style is again risky as you might not be wanting all the contents. Only desiring small segments of a sample pack is common, as mainly 80% of purchased sample packs are never used and hence are a waste of money. However there is no way around this next travesty we're focusing on.

Sample packs and how to acquire them must change

Sample packs and how to acquire them must change. Sites such as Loopmasters are focusing on what's wrong with the sample industry and making lots of money out of this. Well times must change and as our aim is always to help music producers, we feel we must and shall solve this area of money being wasted on behalf of the music producers.

I know it's hard to believe that we are a company who mainly focuses on bettering the music industry. Instead of running circles and arguing, we're going ahead and showing it to all. The sample industry must and will change even if we have to attack it ourselves. The sample pack producers are willing to put more work in to increase sales and diversify music.

At the moment too many music producers grab what's on the shelf and in the top sales charts for their productions, resulting in music all made out of the same materials. How boring can it get? To save the industry we must expand and diversify the sample industry as the base, then move onto the music distribution sites as well. I'll be writing a post about that later.

Sample packs are a waste of money

Sample packs are a waste of money for example the one we're giving out for free. Anyone who has downloaded that pack will go through it, pick out their favorite ones suitable to their style and the rest will land in the bin. So if you had purchased it, then your paid fee for that vocal sample pack would have been to 80% a waste.

It was that Electronic Art of Voice sample pack that steered myself and my colleagues to consider the issues within the music industry. Exclusivity of music, hidden agendas, wasteful market segments such as the music sample section and much more.

We have an agenda, but instead of it being just for our gain, it'll be for all and everyone's gain. Producer Factory was created to show the world how the industry is run, but also to reduce exclusivity of this method used. We focused mainly on quality and not quantity. Our backlog of music producers wanting to join is extending everyday. We could be huge, but focus on real results is our game. Now our next steps will make us huge. Our wish is to include our Producer Factory community and grow as one and not as separate entities. All support and safety in numbers is our only way to progress to the stage of overtaking the giants. Sadly, there's a long way to go.

Sample music industry and the distribution industry we have in our targets

Sample music industry and the distribution industry we have in our targets. Stay online to hear more and see how you can benefit from our ever-growing enterprise and heathy stand for the music industry. Sample industry, here we come! Better buy us out before we get too expensive.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your music.