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Remix wanted for a contest | Our Ghost Producers can help you

Remix wanted for a contest | Our Ghost Producers can help you
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Remixing for customers is one of our main jobs alongside creating new tracks in various genres. When a customer has the desire to enter a remix competition or contest, they usually contact us with a request for a remix production. Many DJs then decide to let our music producers put their skills to the test, as we have professionals with over 15 years of experience within the music industry. As they put their DJ name on the line, all entries are confident, yet nervous as it's their DJ name and face on the remix entered. Some tracks sound great, until you put it next to a really professional music production that shows up all the flaws in your remix entry. This of course makes them nervous and understandably so if they have face to save.

When you have a known DJ name for yourself, then it's vital to ensure that your fans who are cheering you on also get to see a good remix entry from you that can stand up to the greats and even win. Fans can love you and cheer for you, but if a rubbish entry is put into the remix contest, then you'll see the same as what we saw in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil when Brazil played Germany. Brazil has true loyal fans, but even they couldn't stand the slaughter experienced and left. This is not allowed to happen to all the work you put in to building your DJ name and profile. So what can one do?

Well as said, our music producers are not just a collection of amateurs

Well as said, our music producers are not just a collection of amateurs, but true professionals who have access to, or have their own top class music studio. We have music producers within the industry from the midst in London, music producers with master degrees in music production and engineering, well-know artists in the industry who also DJ themselves in the most exclusive venues and many who are less experienced for lower budgets, but of course they must be exceptional to be a part of our Producer Factory community.

So we're equipped, talented an motivated to make your remix request a success with our compromise. Remix competitions are a great way to keep your DJ name on the radar and being on the radar is best for getting bookings and attention from labels. As remixes are a key to getting signed to labels, maybe even your dream music label, then it's important to take these remix competitions and contests seriously. With our professional music production services, you can have your own top quality remix ghost produced for you.

What do we need from you to get your remix request underway?

  • For an optimal remix making situation, we need time, preferably 3 weeks to ensure all parties are pleased with the results at the end, we can do it in 5 days, but it's then a rush project and will cost more. Just a heads up there for you..
  • A description of how you want the remix to sound and which style it should convey. Remixes should follow your formula of music releases to keep your musical signature alive. Our music producers are happy to recreate your signature in your remix, it's just up to you to provide them with the information needed to make it happen. Example track links of your work, or similar work you'd like replicated would be useful. Perhaps even some self created elements that can be tweaked to suit the remix sound. The better the description, the closer the results of your remix will be to your desire.
  • We then need the remix kit from you, it's up to you to arrange these for us as it's your entry and hence your licence to use these ensuring the process is correct and properly ghost produced by our music ghost producers.
  • During the remix production, depending on the timeframe, you'll have multiple demos to review and comment on. Each demo will move one step closer to being completed and this only with your go ahead. This ensures that the remix is made optimally to your satisfaction. Our motivated and caring music producers are more than happy to follow your comments and requests.

We welcome your remix request today

With multiple successes in remixing and remix contests, our remix request numbers are growing fast. We are proud to have such a top quality service that we can offer our customers and we certainly look forward assisting you with your remix today. Make sure that your remix entered is the best it can be and with our experienced music producers who will ghost produce your remix today, you're on the right track.

  • It's understandable you can't invest tens of thousands into a studio.
  • It's understandable that as a DJ you can't study music producing to a level that separates the men from the boys, or the women from the girls.
  • It's logical you must concentrate on making money and getting know, so why not let us do the music producing and DJ song remix making for you?

Producer Factory is here to help you in anyway possible and our excellent and unmatched customer service is awaiting your contact. We look forward to making your remix request the best success. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.

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