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Remix stems and how to get them and where to begin

Remix stems and how to get them and where to begin
By ProducerFactory 8 September 2015 2299 Views No comments

Remix stems and why are they important for remixing

For any remix project we would kindly ask for remix stems. The reason we need audio stems for any music production or ghost track is so we can follow the original song and convert it into a remix song of your own. Remixing means using the original elements of a music track and making something new out of this. Our ghost producers are experts at turning unmastered remix stems into a significant music production for you. This is their speciality and with pleasure, we’d embark on a remix project with you too.

Remixing can be more difficult than creating originals

The high expectations of a remix, especially when the original song is well known and well produced can be a barrier to a successful creation of a remix track. It’s important you work with the ghost producer on the remix song and ensure that the direction of style and genre best suit you as a DJ. The remixing process must in the end result in a new composition that represents your DJ name generating attention and awe from your fans. Original productions are in the monetary terms more profitable, but a the best remix can take you further than you ever would hope. If you have access to good remix stems from a hit original song, then you’re in the way to releasing an epic attention grabber. DJ name generators like what remixes achieve are rare to come by. Don’t underestimate the value of strong audio stems and the resulting music production. Ghost productions you can use for your DJ name are highly valued when done correctly, so don’t think of the process as pay and ignore, but for the best results, participate. In the end it is teamwork really and we need your help to get it done right. Though in most occasions we get it right first time round, we have experienced a few situations where edits were needed. Remix projects are as said before more difficult than creating originals sometimes.

Where can I get remix stems for a song?

The best way to approach the issue of getting the audio stems for an original production is by searching online for them. Some artists post them up for sale, or even for free. Download them and send them to us for your remix song to get made. Remix stems aren’t always that easy to find. You may have to contact the DJ who owns the original track to get hold of them. For many this won’t be an issue as they are more than happy to assist you with the collection of the music stems. Some may prefer not to give the away and that in some circumstances can be understandable. Find the right music production for your remix project and let’s get it started today.

How to remix a song at Producer Factory using music stems

To approach the problem how to remix a song is solved by doing it at Producer Factory. There are many ways you can go about it. You can of course do it yourself by following the process from a remix tutorial video in our music producer school section, or you can hire an online music producer to make it with you. Both options are feasible, but both options require remix stems. To remix a song, you’ll always need the original unmastered remix stems to start. Whether we do it with you, or your do it yourself.

As we’re here at Producer Factory, let’s look at how to remix a song using our ghost producing service:

  1. First send us a link of the original track, remix stems via a download link and a description of your expected results. Perhaps also include links to music tracks you like the style of for reference.
  2. We will send you a quote for the remix song project after reviewing the audio stems and music project information.
  3. After payment has been frozen, the remix song production will begin.
  4. You’ll receive the first demo for review and you can comment on the remix progress
  5. Any comments will have been reworked and a second remix demo sent. This will continue until completion.
  6. Completion means online mixing and mastering will occur and you’ll receive the files. These will include the new remix stems and Master Wav file. If you want the music production program files, then please let us know as this will cost extra.

Once completed, you’ll receive all the files you need to release your new remix song. Ready and mixed and mastered online.