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Remix songs made to win | This is how you can stand out

Remix songs made to win | This is how you can stand out
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For an EDM DJ producer, it is very important to stand out from the masses of Artists out there today. One way is to remix songs that people know well and are popular. Famous DJ entertainers commonly use very popular songs to remix.

Avicii for example remade and remixed the song “Hey Brother” and made it his own. The benefits of remix songs that were popular and now old, are that no one within the fan base of your artist name usually knows the original track , but the effect of the well designed track remains. Many Hip Hop artists as well love to use and sample old popular and melodic songs to boost how unique and recognisable their music becomes.

The chances of an old popular track becoming a new popular remix song is high. Simply bring the beat, instrument and now synth use to the time we’re in and you’ll have a vey impressive track that can get 6 million views on Youtube in no time. The only issues are the royalty rights to the tracks and if you’re Avicii with Universal behind you, then this issue simply disolves in magnitude. This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, as all popular songs have the associated royalties removed after sometime and less than 10 seconds can be sampled without concern, as far as I know. Please make sure to consult with experts before attempting this without agreement from the royalty owner!

To understand what I mean, check out the remix song or remade song that Avicii made

To understand what I mean, check out the remix song or remade song that Avicii made, check out the original here: “Hey Brother”

Now compare it to his new release here: “Hey Brother” Avicii

As you can tell, it’s more or less exactly the same and even unimaginative music producers with good sound engineering skills could replicate this track in less than 30 minutes. Especially our Beachslap, Luke Max, Will Vee, Chris G and most others we have within our music producer community.

Remix songs get a lot of attention and with multiple contests happening all the time, it’s a great way to expand your reach and fan base as well as market capture for potential employees and Record Labels.

With some imagination and skill, you can really make a wonderful track out of an old and popular piece of music. Why not try and remix songs and get your DJ name out there today? If you need help in making the most of your remix songs, then please feel free to contact us. Our custom track service is also available for remix songs.

Remix songs made by professionals for you

Producer Factory can help you remix songs with ease. All we need is the remix kit for the track in question and we’ll not only find the right music producer for you, but we’ll use your description and request to ensure the remix songs are made to your preference. The remix kit including the remix stems are vital to attempting this sort of music production. To keep the production consistent with the original, the remix stems and even midi files if included in the kit will help us with the task for you. These remix files also help us keep the costs down for you, as we won’t have to remake the melodies or parts desired to be included in the remix service request.

Around 30% of our custom ghost production requests are remix songs

Around 30% of our custom ghost production requests are remix songs. Producer Factory is not only experienced with remixing for customers, but we always tend to provide such excellent quality as I quote, “I've been looking around for a couple of weeks doing research, listening to samples of artists, and I have to say you have the artists that have that sound and style to make it high in the Beatport charts.” This is genuinely a quote from a recent customer and we haven’t even begun work and shown him exactly what we can do for him.

Our tracks in the store are wonderful music productions, but when we consider custom tracks and remix songs, then we are certainly looking at musical creations that are perfectly suited to the customer and hence optimally made to their expectations and satisfaction with the customers input.

All our custom track productions and remix songs are made with strong input from the customer

All our custom track productions and remix songs are made with strong input from the customer. Only full satisfaction is acceptable and this won’t change no matter the cost and effort. The pride we encompass in our remixing service to ensure that your DJ alias and artist name is benefitted to it’s best potential and the results echo and resonate as far as possible for you.

Remix songs must include recognisability, individuality and unique styles and sounds that make you stand out form the masses. In remix competitions it’s the tracks that are the music productions of best quality, interest and long life potential that make it to the top of the voting tables ad charts. Remix songs that have these features encompass the charts and are shared around the web the most.

If your artist name now has a website for example, these social signals to the original post on your site will push it up the Google rankings and this is just one side effect of successful remix songs made by professionals for you.

Remixes of popular songs

Remixes of popular songs that work out, are a great way to show your production talent to your fans and potential employers. Remixing popular songs is also a safe way to ensure your listeners satisfaction as well. If songs were popular at one time, whether they are old songs or not, they most likely will be popular again if made right by talented and imaginative professionals. Music producers at Producer Factory are more than skilled enough to perform affordable remixes of popular songs for you. Simply send us your request with the remix kit and remix stems and even midi files if available.

We shall then review your task and inform you accordingly of the fees involved and the appropriate producer to suit your style. Consistent style production is a serious thing to consider when you want the best reaction from your fans and to keep them entertained. Remixes of popular songs are also a great way to increase your release rate and often they become the hits of an album as the Avicii example above. That “Hey Brother” example is just one of many contained in his newish album.

Remixes are a very digestible and recognisable

Remixes are a very digestible and recognisable with individual melodies ringing through the music track that remain in the listeners ear all day. This music identity is a type of branding for your alias and that is important to uphold in future productions, at least during the next few realises. Over time your style will evolve, bend and twist in multiple directions, remixes of popular songs are a great way to try something new without the highest risk of rejection by your fans.