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Remix contests can get you signed | Learn how

Remix contests can get you signed | Learn how
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Remix contests can challenge your music production abilities. Entering a remix contest is an effective way to present your skills. Starting with remix stems and producing something fantastic can be a very rewarding.

Turning an original track into something refreshing and new is certainly no easy task. Music producers have always used remix contests to show off their skills, or practice their abilities and see what the general consensus about their audio production is. Feedback from the general public can be daunting, but don't forget that those who don't offer constructive criticism probably can't make anything worth listening to anyways.

Entering remix contests is a task the skilled and talented engineers accept to go head to head with the competition. For that reason it’s a great place to present your knowledge and get advice on where to improve. Similar to entering your pre-releases or new EP you made into a DJ pool, you’ll always find helpful and less helpful comments awaiting. No matter what information your receive, most judgment and criticism will help you expand your borders and techniques.

Producing original tracks is a more comfortable task to follow. It may be more time consuming, but as you’re in full control of each element, you're more likely to be happy with the final result.

Remixing is more restricted, as elements have to be retained to keep it recognisable to the original track tasked to remix.

Elements may include the midi files defining bpm and pitch shifts, however the sounds themselves can be altered. An example would be that the instruments playing the melodies can be changed from a violin to a saxophone, but the notes remain the same even if octaves are shifted.

Working with these restrictions for a remix contest can be challenging. Most audio producers are able to create some sort or bootleg remix, but only the very best can alter the track dramatically to create a new emotion and experience, whilst holding on to the roots of the original track. Productions that are successful usually include improvements of the original track used in the remix contest. As the original has either not gotten much attention, or has grown old, the new and refreshing remix brings the song back to life.

Remixing melodies is no easy task

Melodies are the most memorable parts for the listeners and this is usually the part that is hummed for hours or even days after listening to a track. One rarely hears anyone whistling the beat of a track, unless your Rahzel the Godfather of noise.

Lyrics, vocals and melodies are the main features that provide the signature to a track. Reusing these and ensuring they still attract the attention of the listener is the hardest part. Mainly placing these over catchy leads and adding heavy undertones is a successful method used to generate a club remix. However, most will travel along the lines of a club remix within a remix contest. So instead it may be wise to focus on doing something different and individual. Cutting the melody into sections and adding your own compilations can help break up the original track and yet still hold true to the expecting listener.

I’m sure you’ve found yourself listening to remixes wondering when that key element of the music production will appear. That is usually the most enjoyable event within the track, so it must hit home and hit hard.

If you create a memorable remix, then maybe you will find your name on top of the remix contest results list. Not only will you then feel good about the track entered, but you’ll get much attention associated with your name, alias and profiles. The reviewers of the remix contest results would want to find out more and Record Labels looking for the next chart hit to make their money, you may find yourself on the fast track to success.

Remix contests are a good place to find top quality music producers

Remix contests are a good place to find top quality music producers and employers within the industry know this. With ears and eyes passively scouting the newcomers for a quick successful release and a sellable brand, it’s important to stay with the music producer crowd, yet stand out. With many entries clouding your success, you must climb above and into the clear to be seen.

The best way to do this within a remix contest is to have the highest quality and most interesting remix out of the masses. If your track is loud and rich with sounds, yet clean and crisp even before mastering, then you’re on the right track.

Maybe your music production skills are not quite up to the task. Maybe you think that the importance of winning or being up in the to rankings has negligible impact on your DJ career. Well, as remix contests are an easy way to find a diamond in the rough, it’s more or less your job interview with a potentially high grossing employment opportunity. If you wish to remain swimming amongst the swarm of fishes, then so be it. If you wish to soar up high and let your DJ career fly, then don’t take these opportunities for granted. Use our Remix Service.

Win remix contests with professional music productions

Winning a remix contest is not always about the prize. You can benefit so much more than simply being on top of the leaderboard.

Bringing the best remix can get you a position within strong major labels and get your Dj Name known throughout the industry.

Remix contests are no challenge to take lightly. Our professional remix producers are themselves winners and successful. They have all the tools and the skills you need to be the best. Winning is also not everything, just getting in the top ten can have dramatic effects on your EDM career. How do you think that major Labels and mentor music producers find the next star DJ? They don’t go through Soundcloud and try to find the diamond in the rough, instead they use the time saving chances to simply review the already tried and tested names that win such remix contests.

Just like most do before making their DJ set, one goes through the charts and get the tracks that the majority enjoy and hence increasing your success rate whilst reducing risk of a failed performance. Labels use the same logic to find their next signing of a DJ Producer, because the ones who are winners of remix contests, are those who deliver the music tracks and style consumers like.

This is where the money lies. There are certainly other factors that must be attractive for Labels to accept your alias and brand, but if you deliver the best music productions possible, then you have a strong chance to rise abover the rest.

There are masses of strong Labels, but to find a signing is a major part that must be considered and focused on. Whilst you spend time in finding the right distributer for your music and brand, then let Producer Factory make you the music productions that can get you there.

We have Ghost Producers who can make winning remixes, original custom ghost productions, or to even help develop your own individual sounds.

If you wish to finally rise above the rest, then it may be time you consider aiding your portfolio with top quality products in the shape of music productions made by Producer Factory. If you have reservations of ghost productions, then just simply consider that the best out there must use this service to be the most effective DJ possible.

Working in a studio will not bring in the money or the recognition. Creating a brand and bringing it to the people via live bookings, marketing and social networking must take up all your time. These are never ending stories and as Labels seem to agree that the business logic is to make sure the DJ is travelling the world making money and improving brand recognition. Music producers who have studied music engineering, simply adore their job with a passion and have up to 15 years of experience in the industry. These are a true asset to consider.

Whatever your requirement, whether it is a remixing project for a remix contest with strict timelines, an original music production for your portfolio and release, or an individual sellable style to be made then we’re here to help. Contact us now for more info.