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Remix comps are a good way to get your DJ name noticed​

Remix comps are a good way to get your DJ name noticed​
By Producerfactory 28 August 2015 1031 Views No comments

Remix comps are a good way to get your DJ name noticed

If you're looking for a way to get noticed quick, then enter a remix comp. These competitions are a targeted market with massive attention. Whilst a huge number of music producers and DJs enter into remix comps, you have a good chance of getting into the top rankings if you play your cards right. Not only is it therefore noticeably a good place to network, but also to present your DJ name.

How to win a remix comp

There are a few steps you need to consider if you're wanting to win a remix comp. Let's look at the task as a list:

1. The most important factor is remix song quality. But what does quality mean in a remix comp? Well it's of course the basic sound design and element build as well as an enticing music track structure. But as we're now focusing on a track rebuild and design, one must do some research first. What is the general consensus of music lovers at that time. Which music tracks in the genre are topping the charts. Have a listen to recent competition winners in the similar segment and compare the chart topping tracks with these. Once the research is done, you can move onto point 2.

2. Keep the remix comp music track exciting and individual. As this vaguely contradicts point 1, I want clarify to be clear that remixing a song means you're using a pre-made music track using stems. It must therefore be recognisable and follow a general line of the chart hits. Nonetheless you must do something to stand out. Most entries for the remix comp will no have the means that our music ghost producers have. Working at or with Producer Factory, you gain access to a network of the best. A network that can benefit you more than expected at first glance.

3. Use the tools of the best and if not available, make them. The best remix comp entries or music tracks in general have a common theme. They follow the trends of today and yesterday. If your associated with a major long lived label, then your access to world hits for decades are more or less at your disposal. Of course money can buy access to these also, but there are times when even getting that far can be a challenge. At Producer Factory, our Session Musicians can create unique and spectacular layers for your remix. Perhaps you wish to not use the stems given and build the remix song from scratch. Why not use professional session musicians to achieve this? We have recording artists that can help you create or recreate the layers of the original music production and add a twist to it. Live recordings of instrument stems are much more stunning than studio produced instrument melodies. Though more expensive, the worth is clearly audible.

4. Once you have all the remix stems ready to go, why not hire a professional to arrange and complete the remix song for you? You are the DJ in the end and shouldn't be obliged to produce music. Adding your creative guidance is plenty enough for us to help you submit your music track for a remix comp. With your help we'll complete the track using our ghost producers skilled in remixing and proceed to the last step.

5. Of course some of our ghost producers are highly skilled mastering engineer, like Beachslap, but others do struggle in this skill set. Audio mastering is a skill in its own league and we have a section perfectly suited to any mixing and mastering need. Compare the before mastering and after mastering -6db normally to hear the incredible difference. When this is completed, you're ready to submit your remix into the remix comp. Good luck!

How to prepare for a remix comp entry

There are a few things you must do whilst our team is making your next remix comp entry with your help. Begin warming your fans up to the idea and grow your support as much as possible. If allowed, perhaps even do a voting competition of your own, giving away something like a year supply of your tracks for free. Whatever you want really. Either way, you’ll need the support and should round it up asap. Basically, marketing through social channels or other is very important. This is the way to prepare for your remix comp entry and we look forward to working with you on it soon.