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Remix competition at Producer Factory where you can win 30-40% off everything for 3 months

Remix competition at Producer Factory where you can win 30-40% off everything for 3 months
By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 482 Views No comments

TWEET: Twitter Contest: Make a Remix at ProducerFactory. Winners receive 30-40% off for 60 days. Boost your DJ career now!

If the above is why you're here, then you're at the right place. Read on to get more info about this exciting remix song competition.

Remix competition at Producer Factory where you can win 30-40% off everything for 3 months.

We’re launching a remix comp for our clients at Producer Factory. We want to boost your chance of top quality releases and especially remixes over the next 60 days. Releasing a remix song is a brilliant way of getting noticed. If your remixed track gets to the level one expects, then your DJ name will be posted throughout the internet. Remixing music to get noticed is a common procedure and joining remix competitions is an even better way to get recognised as many seek the talent here. Winning a remix contest is a whole other level, but simply joining in is not just fun, but beneficial. We’re going to have our own remix comp that you can prove your creativity and teamwork skills in. This is how the remix competition will work...

Getting started rules for the remix competition: This list is to be completed by the end of October

  1. You must submit an idea through our remix submission form and find the Ghost Producer for the task. The accepted Genres are any EDM genres our producers work in. You can of course discuss it with your selected producer. It is a team challenge here.
  2. We have to be provided the remix stems for the remixing process by yourself and they must be obtained legally.
  3. Payment for the project is in full and no refunds are permitted, though you do get 15% off for entering and get to keep the final remix in the end for your own release.
  4. Once these three points are completed, we move onto the next step.

Remix Production process rules: This list is to be completed by the 17th of November

  1. You only get 3 demos on which you can comment. We’re looking for creativity here and the producer will follow your requests to the T. Any incorrect application of your comments, of course within reason, result in a further demo being added to your allowance.
  2. Once all 3 demos have been completed and commented on, you’ll receive the final version.

Completion remix comp rules: This list is to be completed by the end of November

  1. Use the same email conversation as during the remix production process and send us the final version for submission.
  2. You allow us to then upload and post your remix for you in Twitter including your DJ name. The most favourites and retweets of the original post in our feed wins.

Winning terms clarification: Winner of the remix contest is chosen at the end of December.

The remix that gets the most retweets or favourites from our Producer Factory posting in Twitter over 1 month wins. The winner is then granted a 30-40% off all products and services for 3 months and you still get to release your remix under your DJ name. It’s yours to use as you wish. Our Producer Factory ghost production services give you a chance to save and really boost your DJ name.

Get started on your remix comp project now and collect those remix stems

So don’t wait around, get planning and collect those remix stems. We look forward to your submissions. By following these remix comp steps, you already are getting 15% of anyways, so why not go for it? It’ll be fun and exciting. Let the audience decide who’s idea is best and get to know our ghost producers. We’re such a positive team and the remixes we create are simply top quality. So don’t be shy about your remix idea, discuss it with us and work with our producers to finalise the remix project. Don’t settle for second best, join our competition and become the remix song winner for 2016. One can’t ask for a better boost that cheap top quality tracks and excellent services. We’re always here to help and want only the best for our customers. We wish we could afford more of these, but it’s time to show our support more vigorously and put our money where our mouth is.

Finally, please allow me to thank our ghost producers for their support and kindness throughout these years and also a big thank you to our supporting DJs. We hope to continue our efforts and improvements to ensure that Producer Factory and our remix services or other remain the best they can be.

Your Producer Factory team