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Remix 2014 best top 10 Producer Factory charts

By starter915 17 September 2014 582 Views No comments

Remix 2014 best top 10 selection

As we're now coming to the end of the year 2014, we thought we'd reflect back on the Remix 2014 best top ten selection. This year has brought excellent originals from top artist in all genres. The charts have been packed with hits and the music lovers enduldged by their favorite artist. Now when we have such a successful selection of original tracks varying in all styles, then this offers music producers and DJs a great opportunity to make a memorable remix for their fans.

Remixing at a level to be a part of the Remix 2014 best top 10

Remixing at a level to be a part of the Remix 2014 best top 10 is a skill that not all can honestly say they have. For all who wish to remix gallantly and impress their fans, Producer Factory is here to help. With tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your remix and top quality music producers at your disposal, Producer Factory has all you need to remix your way into the Remix 2014 top 10 selection.

Many see remixes to be less important

Many see remixes to be less important that their own originals and perhaps even they call it cheap album filler. However, the examples below have become world wide hits, not only because they are excellent, but because of all factors and methods labels use to get them there. Let's for now focus on the music and not the marketing, influence or chart manipulation a used, as these remixes deserve praise.

Remixes are certainly album fillers

Remixes are certainly album fillers, but sometimes as one can see, they may be the most important factors to a successful album and associated brand name. For DJs it's vital to establish recognition, as this affects their fan base and chances of successful employment. Labels look for sellable and useful features in a DJ and these include the music, image, level of motivation and endurance, attitude and readiness to listen and learn. Having your own identity and signature clearly defined in your brand is important, even if this is a manufactured and formulated one. As long as it sells and is attention grabbing, then you're on a winner. All other components can be adjusted and hired or outsourced such as at Producer Factory.

The artists in the Remix 2014 top 10 selection

Each of the artists in the Remix 2014 top 10 selection have a successful and highly sellable brand and style. Learn from the best and become the best over time. It takes a lot of effort and dedication financially an socially to get to the top. It's a sacrifice many are not willing or able to take, as the strain can be very high. This is why many music producers prefer to assist a front man (DJ) and remain in the background doing what they enjoy and do best, which is produce top quality music. Being an onstage entertainer and standing in the spotlight is not everyones thing. Why should it be and why should the music world then lack the talented work of a music producer?

Remixed tracks can also end in disaster

Teamwork always brings the best results and remixes also show this being true. Original tracks are made by one music producer and as second takes that work and sometimes even improves on it and brings the emotional and addictive melody out to a larger consumer group. This is such a positive thing to achieve and remixing already great tracks can generate amazing remix results. It also can go in the opposite direction. Remixed tracks can also end in disaster and disgrace towards the work of the original. This is probably the most embarrassing result a remix can have. This is why we really recommend that you let professionals such as those at Producer Factory who have released multiple Beatport and iTunes top charts tracks do the remix for you.

Our music producers have and still work for high profile artists

Our music producers have and still work for high profile artists and DJs. You can benefit from this greatly and your releases can be chart toppers within weeks. This platform is not a gathering of the cheap and nasty as our customers always kindly remind us of. Most customers look around for ages trying to find the right music producer or music production service for them, however they seem to end up here in the end. Why do customers choose us? Well not only is our customer service unmatched anywhere within most business segments whether online or offline, but the lack of greed this platform has always stood by purposely, allowed only the best to join. Producer Factory never rushed into allowing a producer to join and will never hesitate to remove any artist who is not motivated or lacks true customer care and quality. Our motto is “customer is king” and we really hold true to this and hold it close to our hearts. We are proud of the music industry and feel ashamed that beneficial tools are only kept exclusively for the already famous. We want to allow all to have the same equal chances and for consumers to have access to great music tracks and remixes. So, let’s take a look at our Remix 2014 top 10 selection.

Remix 2014 top 10 Producer Factory chart choice

  1. Martin Garrix - “Animals” (Oliver Heldens remix)
  2. Tensnake - “Love Sublime” (Duke Dumont remix)
  3. DVBBS & Borgeous - “Tsunami” (Wayne & Woods Trapleg remix)
  4. Showtech - “Cannonball (Earthquake)” (Matrix & Futurebound remix)
  5. Tiesto - “Red Lights” (Fred Falke remix)
  6. Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill - “Overdrive” (Matrix & Futurebound remix)
  7. Sam Smith - *Stay with me” (Throttle remix)
  8. Lorde - “Tennis Court” (Flume remix)
  9. London Grammar -“Hey Now” (Arty remix)
  10. Stylo G - “Move back” (Friction remix)

Remix 2014 top 10 chart selection

I hope this Remix 2014 top 10 chart selection was enjoyable and we look forward to the Remix 2015 top 10 chart selection. It’s always important to stay up-to-date with the times and suit your style with the ever progressing music industry. Remix 2014 brought much success and many falterings. Let’s hope this diverse and quality Remix 2014 list will keep growing and let your choices fill your own.