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Progressive house music | Buy exclusive tracks

Progressive house music | Buy exclusive tracks
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Progressive house music | Buy exclusive tracks

Why would you want to buy exclusive tracks? There are plenty of Progressive House music songs for purchase to add to your DJ mix, right? I'm afraid not.

Exclusive tracks don't mean you're the only one who will add it to your DJ mix. Progressive House music from our DJ store offer you the chance to acquire a one off track to sell as your own. This is the main attraction towards our products. When purchasing a ghost production from our shop, you'll receive the WAV file and any added extra files such as the remix stems.

That's not all. For example, if you buy a music production from our shop, you get the distribution rights and more included in the purchase. This doesn't need to be added. If you have proof of payment, you get the licenses with it automatically without any fuss.

Exclusive tracks give you the chance to release DJ songs using your name. The recognition received is all yours to profit from and will help you boost your career in EDM.

It's that simple. Any DJ visiting our store can add a Tech House or any other electronic music ghost production to their cart and but it for themselves. Once payment is completed, it's yours to own and it's removed from the shop.

If you're interested in buying more than one ghost production from our shop, please let us know so we can offer you a bulk discount.

What other music production services do we offer?

Well we have Progressive House Ghost Producers who would be more than happy to assist you with any custom track you want. Perhaps you're quite particular which DAW you'd want after the music production is delivered? If so, take your time to pick the right music producer from our Ghost Producer Profiles or ask our customer service about your custom ghost production.

Once completed, you'll receive the WAV file and remix stems. Anything else is regarded as extra files and can be added before, or after the music production begins.

Learn more about custom ghost productions here

Not everyone wants to hire music producers for custom ghost productions. Others prefer the attractive remix service we offer. Do you have a Progressive House track you'd like to remix into your own DJ song? Our experts are more than happy to help remodel any music production and adapt it to your style and desire. We do kindly ask you provide the remix stems with a project request to keep the cost of the remix production down.

If you can't find them or get the, we're of course happy to help. Progressive House remixes are a fun way to ride the wave of an existing fanbase for an original track. See how much it can benefit your DJ career and try out our remix service today.

Learn more about remixing tracks at Producer Factory here

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope it has helped and you find what you want from our music production services. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.