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Online songs | Selling your tracks | How to get them sold

Online songs | Selling your tracks | How to get them sold
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Online songs and how best to get them sold. It's an approach you can't ignore if you DJ. It's a method many use to increase exposure an get new fans. Finding bookings is not easy and building a suitable and sellable DJ profile for your DJ name is more than vital. There are many platforms you can give away your music tracks or sell your online songs.

For many you require a distribution platform partner and this is where it gets tricky. Anyone can sign up to cheap sites and unsuccessfully present themselves. What you want to do is sell your online songs within one of the big names such as Beatport or iTunes. But even these allow you to get lost in the masses.

Have you ever used these platforms? I'm sure you have. What all platforms lack is some intelligent design that evens the playing field. And guess what, we're making exactly that as I'm writing. It'll be a short while to go, but we'll be launching a new type of platform that means everyone's online songs can be found even if 10 years old. If they are what's wanted, they'll surface.

Sound interesting? Well stick around to find out more and watch the newest and best platform arise from the depths of the Internet benefitting your online song sales. Of course let's not forget your DJ presence as well. It's time for a one stop strategy to be in place for all music lovers, performers and creators.

Where can I sell my songs online?

Where can I sell my songs online? As spoken about above, it's not easy. Exclusivity is taking over and small DJs and artists have a tough time being noticed. Well enough at least to find bookings that bring in the income to move the passion from hobby to profession. Is there a solution?

Yes, there will be soon. Producer Factory will revolutionise the distribution platform array by evening out the playing field and offering an open game for all songs online to be found. This will take a lot of effort to achieve and we're already so close to doing this. The benefits are through the roof for DJs and artists.

How will online songs at Producer Factory help DJs?

How will online songs at Producer Factory help DJs? As discussed in a couple of posts, the main way forward is to be original against the rest. Standing out is not easy as a DJ. So with custom tracks ghost produced under your name. A good online DJ profile setup and a well designed visual brand created you have most boxes ticked.

Thanks to quality EP releases, you'll find DJ bookings and get employed by event organisers. For this reason you need to be able to make a mix that is memorable.

Creating a signature within your mixes by adding in your music tracks and an array of sound and style suitable online songs. Never underestimate the value of style recognition as a DJ online.