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Online mixing and mastering service Producer Factory

Online mixing and mastering service Producer Factory
By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 623 Views No comments

Online mixing and mastering service Producer Factory

We’re thrilled to announce that our online mixing and mastering service at Producer Factory is now online. Knowing how important it is to hand over your music productions to a professional mastering engineer before release. Sound design and audio mastering is a very important day to day service needed if you want to release high quality music tracks. The customers who buy tracks from you really expect flawless quality and it’s important you give them what they desire.

Best practices when using online mixing and mastering services

It’s important to note that mastering engineers online do require enough info to be able to get the job done right. This is where your help needs to come in. If it’s your first release ever we’re working on, then there’s not much to worry about. But if you’ve working on many music tracks and have your style of mastering, then we need to get a good idea about this. For that we need mp3 demos of your previous released music and also what label you’re signed to. Each has their main areas of expertise and style of mixing and mastering they want covered. What type of venues you DJ at and in what genre your most tracks come out in. Why do we need all this info, well it all can effect the mastering service you choose and the results they generate for your DJ name. Pushing your tracks potential to the next level is vital. The Power our mastering engineers can get out of your music is phenomenal and highly recommend to use. So to clarify, simply provide us with as much info as possible and you’ll have your track ready for release in no time.

Does it matter when mixing and mastering where the music track will be played upon release?

Yes it does:

  1. Are you looking to get the track mastered for a club setting? If so, then our mastering engineers need to focus on the settings for that.
  2. Do you expect more radio coverage? Well then the process needs to focus on mastering for radio release.
  3. Will it be a release on an album or EP for home speakers and sound systems? Well then we’ll fix it for that also.

Basically we need to know the main market and perhaps you might think of more than one mastered track for your repertoire to suit each scenario. Don’t be too cheap when completing your music track with our online mixing and mastering service, this final touch can make a world of difference.