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​New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online

​New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online
By sandro junker 26 August 2015 500 Views No comments

New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online

Our ghost producing website has moving into it’s third generation of improvements. We’re happy to announce it has been released and better than ever. If you’re looking to hire a ghost producer or mastering engineer, then there’s no better place to come than Producer Factory. We focus only on top quality music productions and audio engineering. Though there are many new features being planned at the moment, we have decided to launch the new Producer Factory 3.0 early. The user friendliness couldn’t be more precisely adapt to our customer needs. With excellent service and music producer professionals, we’ve really got the team you need to make your DJ career the best it can be. Don’t just rely on average results, make sure that those who have topped the charts are helping you with your newest release.

We’ve always said that our ghost producers really help bring out the individuality of your DJ name and this generates a thorough attention and an increase in finding bookings.

Our ghost producer section and how it can benefit you

Ghost producers handpicked from around the world are selling ghost productions and much more via our site. Services such as custom ghost productions and remix songs are a complete hit with our customers. Giving them the chance to focus on their Djing whilst we focus on their next release is more than important. It can only take a solid team of a great DJ and excellent ghost producer to get to the top.

We’ve helped so many reach their goal and our customer base is mainly returning to get their next release. Producer Factory and our professional ghost producers must be doing something right considering our ridiculously high customer return rate.

in this section you’re able to connect with our ghost producers, hire them for a custom track and send us the remix stems for your remix project. Ever wanted to enter a remix competition and generate that attention associated with it? Well look no further as our remix comp winning producers will get your name spread all over the web once you’ve won.

Take your time to review ghost producer profiles and visit their expertise. See what previous customers have said about them and establish your relationship with out handpicked top music producers from around the world.

Mastering section and audio engineers

Here you can find the right mastering engineer for you. Simply browse through our profiles and listen to comparison demos of before and after. This will help you understand the style and quality of our audio engineers and their mixing and mastering skills. The importance of a top quality finish to your production may only just become apparent once you enter the realm of a club or a radio release. It’s therefore important that for each environment you have, your music track is suited to it by designing the sound mix correctly.

Our sound designers and mixing specialists will be more than happy to assist with this. Providing you with the loud master bounce you need to make your DJ set a hit no matter the occasion. Don’t let your music productions down and hire the top class mastering engineer today.

Are you a ghost producer or mastering engineer?

If you’re looking to become a part of our team, we have specific forms you can fill in to submit your request. In no time, you can become an excellent ghost producer and a mastering engineer. Depending on your skill sets and previous work, we will be happy to see where and if you may fit into our internationally renowned community.