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New DJ music | Buy your own track

New DJ music | Buy your own track
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New DJ music | Buy your own track

Every top DJ knows that finding new music can be tough. There's a lot to choose from, but when all are buying from the top 100 charts, then how can you stand out? Basically every DJ will have the same playlist and that is no fun for the fans. The question remains then, why choose you as their favourite DJ? It comes down to what new DJ music you release into the market.

So, what does this mean? Well simply put, to be original and different you have to produce your own music. This is what the industry expects of you, apparently. So on top of having to learn to DJ and achieve the skills matching pro you're expected to know how to produce music. On top you have to invest in hardware and software. Spend all your hard earned DJing income on a decade of music production. In a way they are right. Releasing your own DJ songs is key to getting your brand established. However, there is another way to buying tracks you can sell. Visit our store and find your own track today.

We offer many music production services to DJs

Firstly we offer in-store tracks called ghost productions that you can buy exclusively. This is the easiest way to grab whatever new DJ music you want from out music production services.

Secondly we have the option for you to get a music production custom made to your specifications. This is a favourite of those DJs looking to develop a unique style and sound design signature.

Thirdly there are remixing services you can use to have a know track remixed professionally by our music producers. Simply fill out the forms and we'll figure out the best solution for you.

Our music production services are more than able to help you stay individual and stand out from the masses. It's never been easier to get your sellable song ready for release. If you have basic elements of a track you want made into a hit song, then send it over. We happily work on any music production takes you have for us. Here's a few examples of what we've done in addition to our listed services:

1. Track completion using elements provided by the customer.
2. Mixing and mastering services online to help you get the most out of your new track.
3. Track re-mode; turning a finished track into a wonderful and professional production.
4. Stem creation; making stems made to your wish for DJing purposes.

Whatever your desire to get your new DJ music released, we can help. Don't get stuck in the slow lane and contact us about your music production service request today.