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Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min​

Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min​
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Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min

There's only one music production website that can get you your top quality release in under 3 minutes, as well as the files you want. It's never been more easy to buy music productions off the shelf and release them via your DJ alias. Generating likes, sales, followers and much more, releases are what the professional DJs use to keep the fans eye on them.

Have you ever released a track? Do you think that a DJ should be the producer instead of making money accepting club DJ jobs? If yes, then sadly you'll be stuck in the rut you are. If no, then welcome to Producer Factory and our music production website. Let's see what we encompass that's interesting for you.

Our DJ store for online exclusive track purchase | Ghost productions

We have a DJ store where you can pick and choose your favourite track in you desired electronic music genre. Simply add it and the extra files to your cart and pay. Once completed, the track is removed from the shop and you'll receive the files to download and automatically, the rights to the track. You can then control your new track and begin selling it in around 3min. No admin needed, no fuss. If you have proof of payment, you own the track.

Use the filtering options to find the right ghost production for you. Consider what DAW you want and if you want more than just one track, contact us for a bulk discount. Our music production website has the best customer service you could wish for.

It's that easy and you could be the owner of any track from our DJ store in 3min.

Hire a music producer to make your own tracks from scratch

Our music production webshop has the option to hire music producers. Under the tab "Ghost Producer" you'll find a link to our ghost producer profiles. Here you can filter out the professional music producers you need to help get your dream track made.

Immerse yourself in our custom ghost production service and work with our experts to make your own tracks. Our music production site is here to help with any custom project. Here are some examples.

1. Track completion - get your track completed by professionals to give it that extra bang.

2. Vocal placement - have you recorded vocals or samples? We can add them for you.

3. Build a track around a melody - many times our customers arrive with a melody they love. Deliver the MIDI files and we'll do the rest.

4. Make a track from scratch - it's so easy and you'll be asked to partake in the development to ensure its to your standards.

Find a music producer to remix a song

Remixes are key to any DJ. It allows you to benefit from the previous fanbase. Find music producers in our community to help redesign the original track into a remix. Preferably get us the remix stems and MIDI files and we can begin right away.

Once you've found a music producer, use our remix service form on our music production website and get a quote soon. If you want to see what others have been asking, then check out our forum and feel free to join in the discussions.

We hope you find the right music producer and look forward to getting your project started or purchase completed soon. Join our community driven by passion and goals. You have your own goals, so let us know what they are and we'll do all we can to help.