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Music production services | Need a ghost producer?

Music production services | Need a ghost producer?
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Music production services | Need a ghost producer?

Do you notice how much time you spend trying to find the info you need to help improve your DJ career? Looking for tips, new tracks and equipment at a reasonable price? Many specifically are looking for music production services and freelancers to finish a track or remix. Others just want the benefits of turning their song into a top quality hit. Mixing and mastering is one of the most sought after online services regarding beat making today. So, what are you looking for?

Do you need music producers to create an EDM hit?

Producer Factory website services give you the chance to review and choose your favourite music producer. There's a lot you can achieve when you hire music producers for creative tasks. Making beats online with your support and guidance, you're able to unleash the years of experience combined with your creativity and make beats your fans only dreamt about. But then doubt sets in.

Common customers thoughts and questions:

What if the Ghost Producer is not to my liking and I've already paid? Relax. We have a full money back guarantee policy on all our music production services. This covers all first demos.

I don't want my money back, I've found a different producer! Ok, then we'll transfer the project for you.

I'm blatantly not going to be able to have any input am I? You certainly will. Every demo we send, we ask for detailed comments and then apply them for your review.

What files to I get? It depends on the service you choose, but with remix projects and custom ghost productions, you'll get the master WAV and remix stems. Extra files can be included, for example the DAW project file.

We keep it simple, clear and easy for all to enjoy and benefit from. Our aim is to get that release that will make you say "Bro, I f***ing LOVE YOU! Thank you!" Like a recent customer did.

Give our music production service a go and get your remix or track made by the professional producer you need.

Get your own track from our ghost production category

Our website has a ghost production category with all the electronic music genres you could want. In these you'll find music productions for exclusive purchase. Meaning once a product is purchased, it'll be removed from our website completely. Use it under your name and sell it as a professional DJ would. With the track and any extra files you might add, you get the distribution rights and more on top. You can then simply sell it as your own and earn money and recognition from the sales.

With such an easy way to fill or finish off your EP, release a single into the market, our music production website could not be more useful. With countless years of experience, our professional music producers for hire are here to boost your DJ career to the next level.

Learn to DJ like the best and don't miss your chance to snatch up a high quality music production from our in-store service.