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Music production service Producer Factory post by Joris Voorn

Music production service Producer Factory post by Joris Voorn
By ProducerFactory 16 September 2014 1227 Views No comments

Music production service website Producer Factory has attracted attention from the likes of Joris Voorn and Wankelmut who have posted about Producer Factory on their fan page. Terry Matthew's attention has also been captured and an article about the website has been created. This released an unexpected chain reaction and the article was shared over 1500 times on Facebook in a few hours. In a short while the website was spread throughout numerous Blog sites, Forums, Facebook-shares, Twitter-posts and information platforms where they did their digital rounds.

This unexpected full-blown attention completely overran us and was strengthened by the negative views of many individuals including tough remarks and hate slogans such as, "Burn in hell" or "Happy suicides". Producer Factory is a Swiss based brand initiated only by a few Forum entries on our part that managed to establish a name over night. The 20 Minuten newspaper, one of the largest print mediums in Switzerland, has already written an article about Producer Factory on the Nightlife platform Tilllate.

We would like to have the chance to voice our side of the story

In the name of Producer Factory we would like to have the chance to voice our side of the story to the music enthusiasts.

As previously mentioned we were overrun and overwhelmed by the flood of attention Producer Factory attracted caused by a few Forum entries. We never could have imagined Producer Factory would cause such hype within the Internet EDM (Electronic Dance Music) community. Our intentions have always been to create a platform for the music producer, the true artist, where we offer the chance for them to earn some extra to push their own DJ career onwards and upwards. Every active music ghost producer knows how expensive the acquisition of studio equipment is, especially when you are talking about the hardware. The focal point of Producer Factory is to allow the ghost producer the chance to fill in the deficit the Digitalisation of music has caused. "Producer Factory is clearly on the side of the producer".

On top of this the movement away from the Vinyl Records has completely changed the structure of the music market. Where historically perhaps a few hundred records a day were introduced into the market, today there are thousands of mp3 tracks are being uploaded to download-shops ready to be sold. This results in the artist only reaching their goal of excelling the competition by providing a recognizable music style, consistency, diligence, staying power and certainly also accurate investment of the capital available.

The above-described philosophy we follow, has now been understood by many talented music producers. This statement has been enforced by the delivery of top quality tracks by music producers to Producer Factory with the intention of being sold. These true artists know that releasing one track is not enough to establish oneself in the music scene.

Producer Factory services also have the intention to widen the wonderful spectrum of music, by getting perfectly produced and excellent music tracks out into the scenes including EDM that otherwise would be collecting dust on a talented music producers hard drive due to their Alias not providing that exact style and hence releasing this would harm their consistency mentioned earlier. Music is here to be heard and the more the merrier.