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Music Production EDM | 5 habits to avoid when learning to produce music

Music Production EDM | 5 habits to avoid when learning to produce music
By 26 October 2015 457 Views No comments

If you're at the start of learning how to produce music, then there are some common mistakes to avoid. Becoming a music producer is hard work. Not knowing exactly where to begin, or who to turn to can be daunting. Just know that today you're spoiled for choice and have the world at your fingertips. Regarding a starting position to learn EDM production, you're not far off pole. Let's take a look at music production in EDM and 5 habits to avoid when learning how to produce music.

Habit 1: Looking too much into the music production software you use. Take your time to view some easy to watch videos about the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations like Ableton Live and Logic) available and see which style and look suits you best. Learning to produce EDM means you have to get stuck in to making your own beats. Practice makes perfect. Throughout your DJ and music producing career, you'll be switching DAWs more often than you'll get a club DJ job to start with. So don't get hung up on a specific DAW and just get down to producing EDM.

Habit 2: Music production hardware is the second point of time wasting. To start with you won't understand half the buttons and knobs, so don't waste money on show off items. Stick to plain and simple EDM production equipment and start working on your first production. Save money buy not buying the flashy items. Stick to second hand easy to use introduction equipment for music producing beginners.

Habit 3: Expecting the first EDM song to be a chart topping monster. Right away, forget it. It'll be years before you get anywhere close. Focus on learning how to improve, what are your weaknesses and strengths. Can you barter one for the other? Perhaps your bass lines are mind blowing, but your EDM melodies a joke? Try and find someone you can trade with.

Habit 4: Thinking you're above the world and in no need of teamwork or marketing. Give the world a chance to hear you and work with you to highlight your strengths. Don't think you're EDM productions are the hot stuff and find experienced music producers to help you improve. Make sure you're heard in all social platforms and present yourself powerfully. Do something new and attention grabbing.

Habit 5: Giving up at the first hurdle is not an option. Don't let yourself be demotivated by other music producers saying what compressor is boss and you're an idiot to use compressor X. Laugh and carry on, because every tool has its strengths and capabilities. If you understand your software and hardware fully, then you're no longer learning to produce music, you're making music.

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