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Music producer | How Producer Factory connects them with DJs

Music producer | How Producer Factory connects them with DJs
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Music producers have it tough within the industry. Being a music producer doesn't give you much room for making money and even though music productions generate income when released, the music producer is stuck within one style and can't progress into any other direction using their Alias fans are comfortable with.

Though music producers can vary between styles, this hemming in of a single alias is not constructive for their desire to produce a versatile range of sounds. The chances also of earning enough to live on is ridiculously low and being a passionate music producer is no easy thing to master and contain within a hobby.

How do Music Producers get by?

Strong expertise within the music industry is extremely valuable. Not only can one push ones alias to the next level with top quality music productions, but one can also be employed as a music producer by other acts. The favourite and least complicated choice is to simply become a ghost music producer. The benefits of a music producer becoming a ghost producer are huge. Not only finically, but also for the overall skill and experience level of the audio engineer or ghost producer.

The ghost productions can then be sold on with the distribution rights and allow the act buying these to release them under his or her artist name. In turn this allows busy acts to provide the entertainment level that new music productions released generate towards the fans. The more interesting and more relevant the act is, in turn the higher the growth rate of the fan base.

Of course the more relevant artist who has a large fan base will automatically have greater access to bookings and an increased booking fee. It's all common sense to make the most out of the skills one owns. The music industry is no different with their artists and music producers, but now it's open for all to benefit from. So, how do music producers get by?

When growing with experience, pushing their own EDM career, investing in studio equipment and don't want to be hemmed into one music style or genre. Then the only option in making the most of ones abilities is to become a ghost music producer and sell ghost productions to keep the food on the table and their career and dream alive.

Do music producers make money selling ghost productions?

Our experience of running a ghost production website for music producers, where some are also newly founded ghost producers has shown it is greatly beneficial for the music producer to sell ghost productions. The music producers who before joining us have had a fruitful music career where ends even with success don't meet, have now managed to keep that career alive and help others fulfil their dream of being signed to a major label.

The income generated for the music producer or now renamed as a ghost producer, has been used to improve studio equipment hardware and software. They have also gained in efficiency whilst new studio devices help speed up the process of mastering for example, or creating a powerful kick drum for our customers music productions. These ghost productions have helped many DJs get to where they want to go. It's helped increase the DJs fan base and get more bookings.

In the situations experienced on the platform Producer Factory, everyone is a winner. We ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers, we offer the best music producers the option to sell ghost productions and work outside their usual style and genre. This really helps the music producer learn and expand their horizons whilst the DJ focuses on marketing, management and making money in the way they do best. Performing on stage.

Do ghost music producers ruin the music industry?

Our answer is plain and simple. Ghost music producers do not harm the industry, but instead they improve the situation. The ghost productions, which all are released are of top quality, interesting as well as full concentration has been put into the resulting music track. Do you really think busy DJs or singers have anytime to sit in a studio and work on a track? If they did it themselves, the track would be a disaster. The lack of heart and soul due to time pressure results in samples being overused and a track basically just slapped together so something gets released.

Of course record labels such as Universal have rights to many more tracks and of course their artists can use the old and make it new, but these tracks are also slapped together and sent out without much heart or soul, just a formula. Lucky for them, the renew of such tracks that were successful in their time still remain successful.

Music recycling is a very easy way to make money if the infrastructure is there. All the music industry is doing is going around in circles and many of the top EDM ghost producers desire to make their own music instead of recycling the old or common. Of course this formula is desired by many as it is successful, but sometimes going against the grain can become much more successful than ever dreamt up.

How to proceed is up to you and to your liking. Either way all ghost music producers and all music producers are benefiting the music industry by allowing new and impressive tracks to be heard by us consumers. At the end of the day, if you enjoyed a music track, then who cares where it's from? It's performed by your favourite artist and it's to your liking and taste. What more could one ask for?

Thank you for reading about music producers and how best to make money in the tough and relentless music industry where giants roam and emotions flare. Good luck to all music producers and a big thank you form all music consumers. Keep up the excellent work!

Your Producer Factory team

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