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Music producer Will Vee

Music producer Will Vee
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Music producer Will Vee at Producer Factory

Will Vee was one of our first music producers to join Producer Factory. His experience runs deep and diversely within the music industry. Will Vee has been an indispensable addition to our ghost producing community and he was the first music producer to ever sell a music track on our site to a lady DJ who at the time had a tough time getting noticed. With a Will Vee music track, she was able to really strike a home run with her fans. Even though it was a small tightly knit community she was based in, this made her stand out from the rest of the amateurs and impressed various individuals who could employ her and more her career forward. She was already getting a few bookings due to multiple sellable features. Not only is she good at moving the crowd, but she has energy and skill in mixing. Right away we saw that our concept was filing the gap of DJs lacking original music productions and individual music tracks to stand out. This was a vital sign for us after the start we had.

Our ghost music production service

When we first came online with our ghost music production service, well actually even before we officially went online, we were bombarded with emails and threats. our server hosting service had to switch us offline as the servers were getting overwhelmed with traffic and cracker attacks. One of those attacks released the Kraken on our site, which though tiresome, was absolutely hilarious. The image of David Guetta and a speech bubble stating more or less, “I hope no one finds out I buy my tracks here” made us laugh until everything hurt. We lost a lot of momentum due to this issue and time offline whilst we boosted security, server capacity and bandwidth. Nonetheless we stood strong and with music producers like Will Vee in our ranks, we were unstoppable. This is simply the way things looked for us and we ensured and vowed we’d offer the best service to all involved. This vow will continue to ring true and the best part is, our customers and music producers have noticed the efforts involved and hence appreciated the quality of service and products. We will continue to uphold this for as long as we can to make our service justifiable to contain such extraordinarily good music producers and music productions. We have outranked all other sites out there and since we went online, we have seen multiple copycat sites pop up. Without the input and brand or originality that we own, these sites seem to be trailing farther and farther behind. Well we look forward to them being confined to the depths of Google to sit amongst all tricksters, cheap copies, infringers, pirates and scammers. With our highly talented bank of music producers and rate of expansion, they simply don’t stand a chance anyways. We do however welcome any quality service into the market even if competitors. All music is different and good music should be shared and heard. As we say, “the more the merrier”. The target is to benefit the music industry and apparently we have begun this according to Will Vee.

Music producer Will Vee’s testimonial

Working with PF over the past 2 years have been life changing for me as my career as a music producer was pretty tough to find the right people to produce tracks for,seeing that's what I do,every day, all the time.

They have given me a platform to do what I love and showcase my talents and skills to a global market.

Their work ethics are always outstanding, their response and communication brilliant and always both parties that is part of the project walk away completely satisfied. I say thank you for your support, your believe in my music and giving me the opportunity to make a living through my passion for music.

I am really exited about what the future has in store for both myself and Producer Factory and for all the aspiring musicians out there.

"I won't call it a Job, it's more like a hobby that got out of control"

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