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Music producer | Ghost production contracting

Music producer | Ghost production contracting
By ProducerFactory 10 September 2014 618 Views No comments

Have you ever wanted to increase your release rate, build up your music track portfolio, or enter a remix contest? Perhaps you would prefer to have some assistance and advice when building your set? Well our ghost producers at Producer Factory are here to help. Every DJ and music producing talents are welcome to come and benefit from our fast growing service. We too are surprised at the magnitude Producer Factory has achieved. Not only we are happy with the results, but our music producers are as well. The only way this could become true, is if our customers are pleased with the results our top producers bring to the table.

Ghost productions made by top music producers are the key to success

Of course ghost producing is frowned upon by the hypocritical music industry, but that issue aside we factually have benefitted many. Successfully getting customers signed to their dream label, winning remix contests, and receiving messages and emails as the one that follows.

I must say I'm quite impressed with the quick response! Other ghost prodcution services I've looked around sometimes take a few days for a reply! Thank you for the example track from Beachslap, it is much appreciated! The two music producers that stuck out the most (for the two genres I'm in) was Chris G and Beachslap. The track Aurora by Chris G was simply a master piece to say the least, and to be quite honest sounded like an above and beyond song release of the week quality track. The uplifting progressive Trance from Chris G is most fitting, and the productions from Beachslap give that hard dance floor club style which are both right up my ally.

I've been looking around for a couple of weeks doing research, listening to samples of artists, and I have to say you have the artist and music ghost producers that have that sound and style to make it high in the Beatport charts.” and “ok, perfect!! thank you very much, you offer a very kindly and professional service!”

It is always apparent to us that it takes more than just having exceptional and unbeatable music producers in our ghost producer pool to satisfy our customers. We understand that taking the step to use our service is a big one. For this reason it’s vital for us to ensure your safe use of our service, your comfort and full satisfaction.

It is no small investment to make into an online music producing service and we can see this. Producer Factory certainly doesn’t take any task for granted and we want the trust between us and our customer seeking ghost productions or marketing services to grow. Not only in a skin deep fashion, but to build a longterm and satisfying business relationship. We are the ghost production website you can rely on and many customers would confirm this.

Even right from the get-go, you will notice that there is no other ghost production website like ours is available. We do however have our weaknesses, if you’re looking for a violin solo, or a live recording of a piano concerto, then we are not the right place to look, but I think that is obvious to the beholder when visiting.

Custom music production questions and answer session

We have quite a few first interactions that start like the example below. It’s always great to have enthusiastic and sceptical customers, who have really spent much time looking for the right partner and then being able to convince them that we are the right place for them. Over time this relationship will grow and flourish into a strong and successful team. All acts need a team if they wish to be successful, or they simply would drown in the workload. Every aspect needs to be covered and music producing is the gateway to your fans and hence one of the more important factors. One can’t just dish up some EDM tracks and hope for the best, only the best dishes up the trust from your fans.

Here's an example email conversation between us and a customer

Q: When a client works on a custom track with a producer how does payment work? Other services I've looked at require a 10-15% down payment and once the track is completed the client then pays the remainder. I've also seen services that want the payment in full upfront. What are your policy's on this subject? I noticed that you said the fees will be frozen. Does that mean it's paid but held until both the client and producer are satisfied with a completed product?

A: We require the payment upfront, as a third party, we hold the payment until both parties are satisfied. This is why we really ask for a detailed description and hence we can ensure your project is as you wish. When we move into the higher ranges of fees, then we have our best and most experienced as well as successful music producers. They always want you as a customer to be happy and hence hope for your return. Building a relationship with our producers has in the past and still today seems to be the right way forward. We have a large number of customers and an unexpectedly large part of these are returning customers, so we’re obviously doing something right

Q: I much enjoy having my hands deep into the project as well (of course allowing the producer to have full reign for room for creativity. After all they are the experts.). Would I be allowed to work on things such as melodies or chords/progressions? Or come up with said melody and send it to the producer to have worked into/with the song? Also if I am involved in this manner how does this effect the price? (I know an exact quote at this point would be impossible, but would that generally cause the price to go up or down?)

A: Firstly, you may be as hands on as you wish. The more freedom the music producer has, the lower the price. Reasons are, if they can fulfil their flow and inspiration without much dispute along your guidelines, then the task is completed with less effort for the same quality results. With a higher rate of back and forth expected, then this will affect the fee. Time is money at the end of the day I suppose, but you will have ours and our producers full support with however you wish to proceed.

Q: If I as a client am most impressed and satisfied with working with the music ghost producer, am I allowed to come back or solely book just him/her for all future productions (I'm sure continuing to work with a producer time and time again would make it easier on both parties as the style and format of the tracks would be better understood as time progressed on future tracks? The music producer would know exactly what would be required for the track and what it should sound like?)

A: Yes, this is what most our customers do who have the financial ability. This is why Beachslap is fully booked and Chris G is quite new, but his customer base is growing. If you want him, then you’ll have priority with your productions. Regulars are always given priority where possible. Not always can we halt an ongoing production, so it’s best you inform us and we initiate a project asap when desired. Chris G is more flexible now, but for future reference, this is important. Again, we’ll always do whatever we can to assist to your full satisfaction.

Q: Do you guys hold onto music producers for a good period of time? If I were to stick with just one or two music producers and a style and quality of tracks had been established, do producers have a contract or some form of agreement with Producer Factory as to how long their employment term is? I wouldn't want to get close with a producer getting a good style and format down to find out that they're no longer available all of a sudden.

A: Our music producers have never left us. Only one due to ill health, but this wouldn’t be stopped with any kind of paperwork. Our producers are very happy with out service and we have no complaints except from the less great ones… That has only happened once and it’s because the producer I’m talking about is a nightmare to deal with… We all learn from our mistakes. Chris G is happy and very interested in remaining with us, especially when his regular customer base grows. For some it’s their bread and butter and it allows them the chance to improve their studios. Our music producers are not in it for quick cash and leave, they really have to commit and much work would be lost if they left.

This service is common and becoming a necessity. But what can we do? One has to play the game like everyone else, or one gets left behind. It's as simple as that.

Some music producing requests are about our in-store ghost productions.

We recently had a request from a customer to remove vocals from one of our off-the-shelf ghost productions. I then contacted the ghost producer in question, who was Random Star and he came back with an astonishing comment. Not only did he remove the vocals, extract the remix stems and midi files, but he remastered the whole track using his new and improved equipment he had purchased over the last months. Using his new and improved studio, he managed to improve on the track and all this for nothing.

In the end, our customer had two versions of the track for his use. Both were excellent and his request for the remix files was complete. It’s dedication like this that makes us stand out from the rest. We are here to help and not harm. We’re here to complete a task with pride and not for a quick buck or two. Our ghost producing service is the best many have ever experienced and our music producers are achieving successful levels for all involved.

It’s my joy to be a part of this fast growing ghost production music service and believe me, there’s more to come. Let’s now benefit all music producers by sorting out a flaw that has been remaining for decades. Now is the time to save music producers money and time and in return benefit our customer within our ghost production service. It’s a positive cycle that we will follow and try to continue towards success, or not. Either way we will try and all support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what’s going on in Producer Factory and we look forward to your becoming a part of our strong community, taking home the benefits we can offer. It’s up to your to make the most of your DJ career and we’re here to help.