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Music producer for hire | Find the right one for your production needs

Music producer for hire | Find the right one for your production needs
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Music producers for hire who can help you with your EDM music productions are hard to come by. Finding the right music producer for your style and genre is no easy task. Producer Factory has taken great effort to cover their genre specific music producers with very flexible and diverse music professionals. Only seeking to employ the best music producers to assist our customers has paid off for the long run.

With a a high return rate, Producer Factory customers seem to be very pleased with their music productions created by hired professionals. A customer who even specifically was looking for a progressive music production in the style of Melbourne bounce hit gold with the music producer Beachslap and his skills. To his surprise, the producer Beachslap managed to achieve the customers full satisfaction and got him onto a large and well known Record Label we won't mention.

Producer Factory prides itself with being completely anonymous and secretive towards their clients. The music producers themselves are isolated from the client to ensure that no leaking possibilities occur. This is another reason why our customers who hire music producers are pleased to return to Producer Factory.

Becoming the best music producer is not easy

Becoming the best music producer is expensive, difficult, requires time and motivation. If you're focusing on becoming an EDM DJ Producer, then even considering to produce your own music is flawed. Music producers are the best at creating musical productions because they spend and devote all their time in the studio making excellent beats. DJs on the other hand need to be travelling and performing.

Now if a DJ artist tries to cover both segments and aspects of the required task list to become an original DJ with original music productions, then one has to be sacrificed for the other. Either you quickly and without emotion pump out a magnitude of music productions that your fans at least feel that something is happening, or you focus on creating the best music productions and hence push your DJ career to the fullest. Producing any sort of media has always been a competitive market and music producers struggle to make their two career directions as a music producer and a DJ a success. This is simply where Producer Factory comes into play.

Music producers at Producer Factory

The music producers at Producer Factory are of the best standard available and as they aren't already making beats and music productions for world class artists (as far as we know) they are cheap and affordable. Cheap music producers can be misunderstood. This is not explicitly defining their quality, but actual fee or a music production in your desired direction and genre. Techno music producers, Progressive ghost producers, Deep House ghost producers, we have the lot.

Our screening process to ensure only the best music producers become a part of the Producer Factory community is vital to keep the level of quality and the various budget ranges satisfied. Though our methods can be a bit frustrating for new up and coming music producers to our community, they do in the end appreciate the fact that they are now being swamped by incompatible music productions and producers within our community. This allows the best of the bunch to shine and be noticed by our customers. Excellent music producers who now have join the ghost producer community are talents such as Will Vee, Mr Smith, Beachslap, Naban and many more.

Ghost music productions in our store

Being the best online store for selling ghost productions in a web-shop, we are proud to present our inventory of high quality sounds, music and productions. Benefitting from a quick and easy pack and go method, any music production by any music producer in our store can be purchased and used under your alias and DJ name. This has helped many artists become a strong and reliable source of music productions for their music label. This assists any music producer and DJ to become powerful within their label and hence able to earn more bookings and provide the business with more fans and recognition.

Satisfying the listeners of your music productions is the most important factor to begin with. Having a large number of successful releases early on allow your fan base to grow quickly. Positives can be drawn out of this. If your fan base is expansive, then any release on a distribution platform such as Beatport will have a greater impact and more likely it will be to reach the charts.

Achieving a chart position as a DJ with your music production, or ghost production produced by music ghost producers is vital. The sudden surge of sales pushing your music track into the charts no matter the genre you produce or perform within, will have a large knock on effect. This effect pushes your sales number through the roof. We actually tested this ourselves one day. We actually created a network of people who using our funds were able to purchase tracks from such a platform on the day of it's release. This boost pushed our track into the charts and suddenly we were making sufficient amounts of money through our sales. This didn't really draw any profit as we had invested time and money into reaching this goal, but once established it could have worked as a well oiled machine.

Bringing our music productions into the charts showed us the importance of effective marketing, being the best music producer and hence providing our fans with the quality they expect. Producer Factory can help you reach this goal. Focus on what's important as a DJ and entertain your fans whilst our music producers provide you with individuality, signature sounds and much more to impress your music label and fan base.

EDM music producers are a dying breed

EDM music producers are a dying breed, as the industry is becoming more and more monopolistic. Even though you have the skills and ability to create and design top quality music productions out of your invested music studio, you still need to have a label to sell your music produced. Then you're expected to earn that label money by preparing for your bookings and onstage performances.

Certainly you must have a strong brand and a signature sound as mentioned earlier, keep your social profiles flowing and be the best music producer they can imagine. Read more about how to be a DJ here. Sadly however, this is not really achievable for a standalone music producer or a DJ. Even with the best equipment in your music studio, you still need to spend time to effectively make and design your sounds. Then you have to apply to all the labels you wish to, call up booking agencies and try to be out and about to get some bookings. Also you must sell your music and create a brand whilst making money to have some food on the table. It's just too much and this has been fitted the "fat cats" greatly, as being a music producer and a DJ has become more exclusive.

Why is this a benefit? Well the answer is simple. If you have the money and the infrastructure to accommodate a team, then you can push anyone you wish to the top. Let's look at what's needed in a list.

-World class studios with the best music producers to pump out sounds suiting the individual artists and their brand.

-Marketing professionals who can develop your visual brand as a music professional and sell your strengths effectively.

-Management sectors who keep all the processes in check and ensure your music tracks reach their targets.

-Infrastructure such as connections with booking agencies and intelligent product packaging to sell multiple DJ artists to one company owning multiple venues.

-Keep the DJ on the road to feed the fans the music productions they so desire, as well as making back the money invested.

-Internet gurus to keep the information flow into the internet fresh and expansive. This helps capturing more and more of the target EDM market. Now as EDM music productions are becoming more and more commercial and mainstream, it's important to make each artist seem like the best out there.

So, benefiting from this are large labels who have these operations that were already implemented in previous genres converted to the EDM market and industry. Their established positions are only growing stronger, hence squeezing out any possibility of an individual reaching the top as a music producer and DJ. This is why Producer Factory stands strong to assist individuals in achieving their goal.

We are the infrastructure you are welcome to use and benefit from. Let us help you find the right music producer and ghost producer for you. Your style is important to us and we will always do our best to find the right music producer for you. We are not looking to scare you away from music producing and music productions, but it's not only expensive in the sense that to start only with a mixing console of decent quality can cost £2'000, but your time spent in the studio won't make you money if your aim is to DJ. Let our music producing professionals take the weight and for a small fee, you can have a world class individual track and style designed to give you recognisability.

Now that SFX is buying up all the infrastructure to optimise the industry to fill their pockets and not yours, it's important to act fast and ignore their services. We will soon be seeing a squeeze and drain process killing the EDM industry even more thanks to the fattest cats out there. Hopes aren't high, but there still is a fighting chance and we'll do whatever we can to help make your dream a reality.