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Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory

Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory
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Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory

New to the Producer Factory is the addition of a music producer and DJ forum. Now you have a chance to enter or begin general discussions, talk to good professional music producers and show off your DJ mixes and sets. Offering our community the chance to anonymously contact each other and freely get advice, trade techniques and tricks, grow confident in establishing a collaboration and much more. Our new DJ and music producer forum welcomes all at any level, who are working hard to make the most of their DJ career. Let’s take a look at the categories we have so far.

General forums:

1. Producer Factory Questions,

2. General Music Discussions,

3. Events/Parties,

DJ forums:

4. DJ tips and tricks,

5. DJ Hardware,

6. DJ Software,

7. Show the world,

Music producer forums:

8. Studio/Acoustic/Recording,

9. How to make…,

10. Music Production Software,

11. Sampling/Samples,

12. Music Production Hardware,

With a wide range of possible topics and forums, all music production questions and DJing tips can be found here. If you can’t find what you want, then create your own topic and ask our professionals for tips about anything you want. Never has there been a place so committed to offering a professional help desk service for DJs and music producers for free.

The rules of our forum are quite simple:

1. No profanity. We are running a professional music and producer DJ forum here and a are not in need to unfriendly comments or rude remarks. Any such activity will be halted.

2. Backlinks are welcome if relevant to the topic and not for the purpose of advertisement.

3. Showing off your work and marketing your DJ name is perfectly allowed within the right forum.

4. Offers for second hand or new DJ and production hardware or samples and software are also allowed in the appropriate forum. However only if it’s a good deal and the admin will decide that in the end.

That’s it really, nothing restrictive, just honest and real professional discussions for all to enjoy.