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Music manager | Do you need one?

Music manager | Do you need one?
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Music manager as a job title is becoming more and more redundant these days. The only music artists who need a manager to get their music career sorted are those who travel the world on a daily basis and can't afford the time to arrange gigs and DJ jobs themselves. Understandably it all comes down to efficiency versus gain. If your alias and persona would make more money with a music manager by your side after the cuts are taken, then having one is for you. If not, then you can easily do the work yourself and save during your growth period as a DJ.

What does a music manager do?

An artist manager takes care of any details regarding your marketing plans for example. Ensuring through contacts that you get the best brand assisting company available and results are gained.

Music managers build up access to a wide network of companies and individuals throughout their work-life, which you as a DJ can profit from. Valuable contacts to DJ agencies and Event Managers would be the more lucrative segment. Contacts to record labels is also key to getting your DJ name exposure.

The overall task of a music manager is to get you club DJ jobs, release contracts, good exposure and a great online presence. But can't you do this yourself these days?

Music manager company | Should you contact one?

Let's see if you need a music management company or not. First we'll check out a few yes and no questions that may help you decide for yourself.

Do you find it difficult getting on a record label? If yes, then why not simply increase your chances by using our submit music package for £29.90?

Do you release enough music to stay competitive? If the answer is no, then we highly recommend you boost your portfolio by either buying ghost productions or hiring a ghost producer. Regular releases are key to great exposure and success.

Finding club DJ jobs is difficult for you? If yes, then contact a DJ agency yourself to see what they recommend for you. Try to get some info out of them and some feedback regarding your approach. You never know, it may be something small you can fix yourself.

Not everyone needs a manager to boost their DJ career, so think carefully before you hire one and regret it soon after whilst they take a large chunk of your money. Such decisions can't be made lightly, but for some, hiring a DJ manager is the best choice to make.