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Music management companies | What are the benefits?

Music management companies | What are the benefits?
By 10 April 2016 668 Views No comments

Many DJs feel that music management companies can help them progress. A DJ career requires a lot of work and deserves huge respect. So why do midrange DJs choose a music management company to help them get further?

The negatives to hiring a music management company

In the mid-level stage of a DJ career, things are looking bright and promising. The easiest thing to do is then hire a music manager in the hope for more success. Right off the bat you need to remember that from that point on, you'll be working on average 25% more to cover the costs that arise. So much for the easy option.

If you have managed to get to a high enough level yourself, then perhaps you do need some help.

When you hand over the baton to your newly hired manager, you're effectively relieving control over your hard earned image and status.

You may incur conflict of interests. Whilst the music management companies soul interest are financially bound, yours may be ethical and keeping consistent and true towards your fans. You may even be advised to change music style just to get onto a bigger and better music label.

The benefits to hiring a music manager

You can pass on the rubbish jobs regarding promotion, admin and booking arrangements. Therefore you have more time to enjoy the better parts of being a DJ like partying and performing. Maybe you're a keen music producer and hence would like more time in your studio.

It all balances out in many cases. The best way to stay true to your own DJ style and brand is by sticking to your goal and focusing on the key points that make your DJ name unique.

Every situation for a DJ is different. You have to make up your mind about how to best approach this issue. But don't for s second think that all your troubles will be gone, but instead they may just be getting started. Music managers aren't always good news, but they've helped numerous artists achieve their goal. Could they do this for you also?