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Music downloads for your DJ profile | Get more tracks

Music downloads for your DJ profile | Get more tracks
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Music downloads for your DJ profile made available for your fans both free or for sale is a great way to capture the musical passion of many. Having your own tracks to distribute and sell, or offer for free is a hugely important part of a DJ online presence.

DJs rarely release their own tracks as music downloads or otherwise. So bringing out your own DJ music under your own name will help you move forwards in leaps and bounds. We always talk about separating yourself from anybody else and this is one way forward.

Music downloads have many benefits and basically no negatives. So jump on in and get your own track custom produced now.

Creating music and having the will and courage to bring it out for the world to hear

Creating music and having the will and courage to bring it out for the world to hear and enjoy is worthy of huge respect and acknowledgement. Working with Ghost Producers who have the music production knowledge is a favoured way of realising your dream of a release on a top Record Label.

Our service comes without the initial investment of hardware needed for music producing. Not even mentioning the years of work to learn these skills. Again we emphasise that it’s incomprehensible for the 20 year old DJs of 2015 who top the charts. Do you actually think they are producing their own tracks? To have the skills to make such top notch tracks is easily a decade of work and an insane investment.

Your music download portfolio must grow

So, as I was saying, for your music download portfolio to grow, simply use our best Ghost Producers and your creativity combined.

Collaboration is the way forward. All top DJs of 2015 used this method without fail. Earning money as a DJ is not only done via sales of their music downloads, but by finding bookings. 

Event bookings are the main income for any music DJ. Spending the time in a studio means you have less promoting your DJ profile. This decrease in time spent means less coverage, fewer platform entries and overall less marketing. If you also have to make your next album by yourself, then you won’t be able to accept as many bookings as possible. How else could you finally get the album completed and entertain your fans?

Collaboration is the most financially feasible way forwards. You of course have full control over the ghost production process and can comment on the demos as they come in. This way you ensure that your style is consistent and suitable as your DJ profile music downloads.