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Learning how to DJ

Learning how to DJ
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Learning how to DJ EDM music at a club or event

Are you looking to become a famous DJ? Has your passion always been to entertain and this then combined with music and parties seem attractive to you? If you are looking to learn to DJ and be in the spotlight, then this article may help you.

Learning how to DJ, in particular regarding EDM music, is one of the most desired activities for the young up and coming. Many DJ schools and lessons have been filled with keen eyed people, hoping to get into the spotlight and wow their fans with ultimate sets and skills. There are many places out there that will help you learn to be a DJ and whole business have been built up around this craze.

Not too dissimilar to our own here at Producer Factory. We however don't focus on improving DJ skills, but instead focus on the more important factor of turning a hobby into a DJ career. You may ask yourself, doesn't skill come in to learning how to be a DJ? The answer is plainly, no. There's DJ software out there that can do your DJing for you, but this doesn't mean that you won't be busy enjoying the spotlight and working hard to remain in there.

The world of DJing has changed a lot since the days of vinyl, but with all the DJ tools at hand, true talented individuals will still shine through the masses. The talents however, don't just lie in the skill to mix anymore. There's a much bigger picture you need to focus on, before you even take your first paid DJ lesson. Let me give you a quick first lesson about the lingo you may need to help improve your search ability in Google, or Bing.

You need to know the DJ lingo:

DJ mix - Tracks mixed together by a DJ with seem less interchanges.

Live DJ mix - The same as above, but recorded live. Usually contains ambient sounds as well.

DJ software - Programs used by DJs to create mixes, effects, recordings etc. You will need a computer to run theses.

DJ hardware - This term broadly encases any external item used by a DJ. Mixing tables and speakers are DJ hardware.

DJ tools - Devices both hardware and software that a DJ would use.

Mixing table - A piece of hardware used to mix tracks together when DJing.

DJ set - This is what the DJ presents his or her fans at an event, or club venue. The DJ set is the result of the mixing of tracks during a DJ performance. This is often recorded and then used to promote the DJ. Live sets are again, recorded live at a DJ job.

DJ marketing - The action to gain fans and followers by paid or free means of publicity.

Release - A new track sent into the market bearing a DJ name. This is key for publicity. Most who don't produce their own music, buy EDM ghost productions from us.

EP - A collection of a few new releases. Preferably include some exclusive content to attract buyers.

Music label - A vital company who can help you get DJ jobs via marketing and assistance with distribution of your new EDM tracks released. For example, to get onto Beatport, you need to be associated with a label. To get onto a label, you need top quality tracks. We sell those top quality tracks and get DJs onto labels. So to start with, you need Producer Factory if you want to be fast tracked to the top.

DJ agency - A company dedicated in getting you DJ jobs and event performances, who either cost upfront (don't choose them), or work for commission (definitely choose them). If their network is big enough and your DJ name strong enough, they won't decline.

That's it really as a first lesson learning how to be a DJ. The key is to first understand the industry.

I recommend reading on about how to learn to be a DJ in a competitive world to get on top of your game. Visit our learn to DJ post and become the best.

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