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Learn to DJ

Learn to DJ
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Learn to DJ in a competitive world of music

If you're looking into learning how to be a DJ, then perhaps you'll need to review our first blog entry regarding this. Get to know some DJ lingo and then return here to learn to DJ like a boss. In a competitive world of music, making sure your DJ name gets noticed is key. Attention gets you fans and followers, a stronger online presence, club DJ jobs and a music label. The more you have to offer, the more you’ll get. Learn to DJ like a pro and not just for actually learning how to DJ. These are two very different things. DJing is the act of mixing in-front of a crowd, but once you can DJ like a pro, you will understand the industry key elements to success.

Learn how to DJ as a career and not as a hobby

To turn your loved hobby into a DJ career is not easy if you don’t know where to begin. What are the key factors one needs to focus on to become a professional DJ? Instead of worrying about your mixing skills and abilities that software and hardware can simply do for you, consider more the focus towards marketing. Growing your DJ name into a solid and sellable brand is a key factor. As an entertainer, your service is to entertain at clubs or events correct?

Well let’s for a moment imagine the event is a cruise liner, and harbours are DJs. If you owned the cruise liner, would you pay to dock at decollate falling down harbours where no soul would board from, or would you invest in docking at a known tourist destination where the potential for thousands of passengers lies? I think this model represents the DJing work of job seeking well.

If you can’t bring consumers to an event, you’re not worth booking. This means you should set your goal firstly on building up your fanbase before you even consider getting paid DJ jobs. Of course small and fun clubs will be happy to hire you. If you’re thinking about big DJ jobs, then you need to have something to sell. This is your fanbase and music.

EDM DJs should release tracks

Do you know how to be a DJ producer and release EDM tracks using your name? It’s really not too difficult, unless you want to invest thousands of any currency and years of dedication learning how to produce music. Simply buy EDM ghost productions from our store, or hire a music producer turned ghost from our pool and get your new hit made to your specifications. The main way to gain attention is by releasing EDM tracks into the market and promoting them via social media platforms. Preferably if you have the means, create a video to accompany it that is not only catchy, but worth sharing. Start branding your DJ name and ensure that potential fans are able to find you. Learn to DJ like a pro and make sure your online presence is flawless. Have a website made, create social profiles and start marketing your new ghost productions. These are for all intent and purposes, your releases.

Learn to DJ like a pro in the competitive world of music and get to know the tricks that make one attractive and efficient. Ghost productions don’t just get you releases, build up fanbases, but they also give you the chance to get signed to a music label. With attractive distribution deals and a new network at your disposal, music labels and of course DJ agencies are your initial goal to get onto. Hence the need for a portfolio of tracks and DJ EDM songs. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to DJ like a pro and learn how here. Contact us or our producers who have together hundreds of years of experience and find the right solution for you. If you want to actually be the best, then be dedicated, motivated and use the tricks of the major star DJs in EDM today.

We want you to thrive as a DJ and if you’re taking the time to read our posts and learn to DJ, then you’re the type of customer we really want. Motivated and passionate DJs like yourself are exactly what the industry needs and we’re here to welcome you with open arms. Paste this URL into your request for a 10% discount off any order or project. This offer is not stackable.