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Instrumental music | How to mix into your music production

Instrumental music | How to mix into your music production
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Instrumental music is difficult to mix and master into your music production and live sets. DJs do like performing instrumental tracks as it gives the original a twist and allows more focus on the creativity of the actual music.

Adding new elements into the music production is also a key factor to consider. Overall, the music track you bring out must be relatable, but have individuality that provides you as a DJ much recognition.

How our music producers make instrumentals

When our music producers make instrumentals, they take a good look at the song structure first. Once a plan for this has been sorted, then they begin the music production process.

To create an instrumental music track, one needs to first of all, acquire the remix stems and midi files of the original track. With these you can begin to strip out the elements that are the vocals or associated closely to them.

Now it’s time to begin the structuring you have planed and start building your track up. With the layer of your instrumental music set up, create new elements that will help add a style signature to your DJ name.

Every DJ should have their own signature that makes their music tracks and mixes special. This is one key feature that sets our ghost production service apart from the rest.

We always discuss and figure out the best solution for our clients. Our work will progress along the guidelines given and the example links provided. These could of course include the instrumental stems for your music track for a closer review.

Instrumental versions are strong additions to your DJ set or mix

Instrumental versions are strong additions to your DJ set or mix. They are not to be underestimated. Considering that the instrumental could be closely related to a successfully released track, then you can ride that wave of success when you bring out your version of the track as an instrumental.

At Producer Factory our ghost producers will happily collaborate with any starting DJ 2015 to make your instrumental music a successful release.