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Instrument stems for your music track

Instrument stems for your music track
By sandro junker 28 August 2015 515 Views No comments

Instrument stems for your music track

Instrument layers and stems are vital for a strong and recognisable music track. As all know, it's often the melody or vocals that keep a track fit for the charts. In the last post we focused on vocals and how male and female vocals can boost your track potential beyond imagination. I'll now say the same concerning instrument stems for your music track.

Music productions must have a sing or hum along feature

What we've noticed in our ventures and those our client DJs have told us about is, that the more catchy a track is, the better the average release becomes. So it's obviously important to use instruments as a key feature of your production. Combine these layers with synth and a brilliant drum beat and you'll have a track to be proud of. Of course let's not forget a hefty bassline.

Where can I find music stems?

Finding music stems is easier now than ever before. If you wish to integrate instrument stems or vocal stems into your track, simply browse our collection and find the right one for you. Of course if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate and hire our Session Musician today. We have the world class in professional music stem artists at your fingertips and using our secure methods of hiring out, it’s a risk free process.

Whilst establishing this section where you can buy exclusive samples and stems, or hire a professional session musician, simply contact us via our contact us form and we’ll assign the right artist for the task. Don’t wait long to get the exclusive element music stem you need for your music production. Only the best get to the top.

How good are our Session Musicians?

We’re more than happy to say that they are good enough for Disney Movies, Universal records and many many more large names that would blow you away. A class of it’s own, our Session Musician section will provide you with the tools needed to wow your fans and be the DJ you always dreamed of. Get your next hit made with custom vocal stems, perhaps a violin melody or a piano riff. We have it all and hope to work with our better than good Session Musicians.