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I want to be a dj where do I start | Becoming a dj where to start

I want to be a dj where do I start | Becoming a dj where to start
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"I want to be a DJ where do I start?", is a common question for those looking to become a DJ. DJing can be a confusing profession to master as there is so much involved. The factors are wide spread and the talents needed to succeed are not something a single person can achieve. When asking the question I want to be a DJ, but where to start, you have to consider what's contained or perceived as such within the job title.

What is involved when becoming a DJ?

Let's see what you feel confident in doing. Read the list below and answer truthfully to yourself whether you're comfortable in completing these tasks alone. Is obviously only applies to DJs looking to become the best and the biggest.

1. Can you DJ? I assume you can mix at least to a reasonable level, though surprisingly this is the least important point to consider. Many well paid DJs couldn't tell you what Traktor 2.0 is for example.

2. Are you online savvy? I mean do you know how to promote and create a website? Most young of today can achieve this by themselves.

3. Do you think you could create a memorable brand? Designing a logo and etching a unique image into the music industry can be a challenge. There are many tools that can help you on your way.

4. Are you good at making business deals and getting your foot into the right doors? Basically, can you do what a music manager does?

5. Can you produce music? Every major DJ today is releasing Singles and EPs via big Record Labels. There is hope, for example here you can buy ghost productions readily or even hire a ghost producer to design your style and signature sounds.

6. Do you have any goals you're trying to reach to ensure you stay on track? Many get lost on the way and their identity suffers accordingly. Make sure you stay on track.

Becoming a DJ and where to start

The best way to look at becoming a DJ and where to start is by creating a to do list. Time scheduling out your plan of attack and seeing how your budget can optimise the list by using services to speed up your DJ career.

Here at Producer Factory, our House of tracks offers you the option of a guaranteed release. Even the newest could get onto the best labels if you're interested. It all comes down to a trade off of money or time. Sadly, time is the slowest and least successful approach statistically.

So when you think about becoming a DJ and where to start, think about these points first of all. It's easy to achieve your goal if you know how.