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How to start a DJ career

How to start a DJ career
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Begin a career as a DJ

Starting a DJ career is no easy thing to achieve. DJing is one of the toughest industries to take part in. However, the majority of a career in DJ end fast, or never get started. You may think, “oh great, why bother?”, but the fact states otherwise. This is wonderful news as there are too many lazy DJs out there who simply don’t know how to start a career as a DJ. In turn this gives you the option to stand out and shine above the rest. If you follow the factors mentioned in our blog posts, you should have the advantage. From the firs step of generating a DJ name for yourself, up to releasing tracks under your name. We have EDM ghost productions for this purpose. Releasing remix songs and ghost production tracks will get you the attention you need to help boost your fanbase and get on the label of your choice.

Starting a DJ career simply includes developing a sellable brand that suits you. There are many EDM genres to choose from in our store. Whichever suits you, we can help. If you need any custom production to either adapt an exiting track from our store to your genre, or create a new one perfectly fitted to your EDM style. Either way, our ghost producers are here to help you also understand how to start a DJ career.

Become a new DJ and start your career step 1:

Create a DJ name, social profiles using that name and some graphical brand logo. Remember, you are a sellable commodity. Think of yourself as a product that you need to sell. Reflect on how the best do it and keep your EDM presence alive. Post news, give away gifts to gain followers and build a strong presence as an online DJ.

Step 2:

Build up your musical portfolio. EDM tracks in your library is a key way to release an EP and album. The more individuality and market capture you have, the better.

Step 3:

Use your EDM tracks to gain the most followers and then tackle getting onto a music label or DJ agency.

These are the main steps in brief for your review. Please check out the posts in this category to learn more about how to start a DJ career in detail.