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​How to make electronic music | DAW tutorials | Production Hardware discussions

​How to make electronic music | DAW tutorials | Production Hardware discussions
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How to make electronic music is something many new producers ask | Check out how to video tutorials in our new course section

When you decide to begin learning how to produce electronic music as a hobby or even a profession, then there are many tricks and facts you need to learn. The first thing is of course getting your studio set up correctly to create an optimal music production environment. After that it’s all about which DAW is right for you and the hardware equipment you need to boost your chances of improving that environment and help you succeed in your productions.

Our new: how to make music video tutorial section is now available for your use, and it’s 100% free.

How to set up your home music studio?

There are key ways to going about setting up your music studio and many factors to consider. However, to start off, the quality isn’t key, so don’t spend all your time measuring the best layout and just make sure it’s a place you like being. All that stuff can be configured later on once you know how to use your equipment and DAW. T stay on top of your home studio setup, why not share some pictures of your layout and get some advice in our forums.

Which DAW is best?

Every DAW has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but the main top tier DAWs are all excellent in nearly every way. The only one that stands out as an anomaly is Logic, there service at the time of this review was rated badly. Check our which DAW is best.

How to use various music production Hardware components and which one do you need for Deep House for example?

There is a discussion going on in our music production forums about what is the best hardware synth. Perhaps you’d like to join there as well to discuss with professionals about any startup questions you may have. There’s no harm in asking and as our community is full of top and successful fully booked music producers, it may be worth your time building up a network to help you on your way. Join now, it’s also free. You’re also welcome to just share your work and get some advice from the best.