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How to get signed to a record label

How to get signed to a record label
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How to get signed to a record label

One of the biggest challenges for DJs is finding a way to getting signed by record labels. It's one of those long term time investments that usually ends in disappointment. The negative decline by a dream record label can really take he momentum out of a DJ career. Everyone knows that getting a release is the best exposure a DJ can have. So how to get around the question, how to get signed to a record label?

Producer Factory has always tried to bring the tricks of the best to a level that is achievable by all DJs. I say achievable, because all in all, creating a successful DJ career requires a team and this requires investment. To provide a more detailed description, we make having a team affordable and time effective.

What do we offer DJs wondering how best to contact record labels? There are two options. Both include a guaranteed release on either an A-C list record label.

First we have the 360° Package section. This allows you to convey your request in detail and offer us an idea about the available budget. With this info, we can review with record label release would be best for you.

Secondly there are cheaper prepaid options. Select which 360° Package suits you and buy it off the shelf to get started right away. This helps resolve the quesiton about how to get a record deal.

What's included in both options? Well the following is:

- ghost production made to suit the record labels in question.

- contract delivery and release arrangements.

- plan for release date

- distribution and sales income

- some even include radio coverage

- release and marketing

This 360° Package resolves the question about how to get signed to a record label in minutes. Save yourself all the effort of being declined by hundreds of labels and get straight to the winning deal.

How do we do it?

With an established network built over many years, our team is dedicated at delivering a world class package to all customers. Every DJ must climb the ranks and why not skip many levels and go straight to the top like most star DJs do? We focus on ghost producing the track specifically to meet the requirements of the label. With this in mind, they cannot say no. Compared to our competition, we can actually achieve the standards required to get you released on a major record label. This is why we offer a guarantee and put our time where our mouth is. I'd like to see any other service achieve this.

Get your track released on major music labels today and sign you dream deal even before 2016. Start the new year with a bang and let's make that success reality.

"Producer Factory has again achieved its promise to DJs and simplified the process about how to get signed to a record label."