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How to get DJ songs for release

How to get DJ songs for release
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How to get your own DJ songs for release

As a DJ, you're probably looking into how your career can be boosted. The main aspects to consider for your DJ career are songs that suit your existing music. I don't just mean music for DJs that don’t belong to you, but exclusive DJ songs that you can release using your DJ name, generating attention and strength compared to your competitors.

In the DJ world, rivalry is just as vigorous as in any other business. Those with an established brand have it easy. Those who don't, don't. The struggle lies in the detail and it's easy to lose focus of your end goal to have a successful EDM career. For this reason I thought we'd take a look at some problems DJs experience.

Problem 1 | Learning to DJ like a pro

Getting DJ equipment and music ready to start practicing is easy. To start with, buy it second hand and save your money for more important aspects of your DJ career to start with. Wasting too much money on DJ hardware is nonsense considering you haven't actually got a balancing career yet. Check out loads of "How to setup..." Tutorials and "How to DJ using..." Videos so you can learn to DJ like a pro and begin practicing.

The next step would be to build up a library of DJ songs from stores like iTunes or Beatport. Find your favourite style and get working on it right away, including your mixing moves. If you're still wondering which DJ software is best, simply get on with it and buy Traktor 2.

Problem 2 | Getting Club DJ jobs | DJ marketing

Now comes the part most DJs ignore, or think that they have under control thanks to 100 fans in Facebook. The devil is in the detail and marketing to get yourself that club DJ job is no different.

Before any money leaves your pocket, make sure your online DJ presence is up to scratch. Check your social pages are inviting and fill them with some fake fans to make you seem interesting. A DJ with 4'000 fans is more attractive than a DJ with 0.

Once your social side is covered, do you have a website to host yourself? If not, get one. This will be very important regarding the next problem. Having a site you can control fully is key and looks professional. It's any online DJ's business card. If you need help getting one quick, our partners can help you stand out.

Now your online presence is complete, you'll soon be able to actively market yourself as a DJ. DJ marketing will be used once all these are complete. Getting your DJ name out there will open doors to club DJ jobs and promoting your music. Playing your DJ songs live will offer your brand recognition.

To start with, offer your DJing services for free and show the market what you can do. Entertainment is key and it’s important you give employers a chance to see what you're all about. In return, push for allowing a mate, or professional team to record your set. Videos are a great way to promote yourself to the market and this can be hosted on your website, shared and much more. Add tags in the video providing the names of the DJ songs and highlight your own. Use every opportunity to plug your tracks and DJ name.

Problem 3 | Finding DJ songs you can sell | Creating your EDM release

Everyone knows that all big names have their own releases. Well when I say their own, I mean ghost produced DJ songs to be released under their name. It's the smartest move to make. Regarding awareness for your name, getting a DJ song released is key. However, spending time in the studio when you should be earning money onstage is idiotic.

Where can you buy ghost productions? Here at Producer Factory. Simply buy any track in our DJ store exclusively, receive the download link and start selling your new release using your DJ name. No credits are needed, it's all yours to sell. That's how simple it is, so this problem you can take off your list right away. Oh one last thing, you can also have a custom ghost production made to your specifications.

Once purchased, sell it via your website, using any distribution company you want and spread your name. Now your website comes into play. If allowed then give your tracks, or a track away for free using a trigger. An example might be, if a user likes your fan-page, signs up to a newsletter, or other. Get a spiral of shares, likes and attention regarding your cool DJ name. Use your DJ songs as they should be and advertise, share, post etc.

Problem 4 | Getting signed to a music label

Music labels release tracks, promote artists and get you bookings and DJ jobs. You need one and you must make sure that one wants you. With an array of DJ songs, releases, experience, fans and so on, you'll soon be signed up. DJs without songs to their name, a website, fan base and so on, will have a very tough time competing against you.

Good luck, get signed to a massive label and enjoy the high life of being a DJ. We certainly hope your dream will come true. Quick final checklist...

1. Keep releasing DJ songs regularly.

2. Continue always learning how to DJ like a pro

3. Don't stop increasing your fan base

4. Stay cool under pressure.

5. Don’t waste time or money. Be precise and learn fast from any mistakes.

I hope this helped and thank you for your time. We'd love to help you with getting your next DJ song released soon. Check out our website and forum to learn about buying your DJ songs exclusively.