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How best to contact record labels and what should I include in the E-mail?

How best to contact record labels and what should I include in the E-mail?
By 22 November 2015 4557 Views No comments

Contacting record labels is part of the everyday life of a DJ. Not only contacting them, but also getting declined and rarely accepted. If accepted it's usually to their last choice of music label.

So, how should you go about contacting record companies?

It's best to contact these establishments by E-mail. E-mail is very trustworthy and is reflected by some time reviewing them. You have to understand that these music labels receive tens if not hundreds of release requests a day. Your aim is then to stand out from the masses.

You should always look at it from a business point of view, what can you offer a successful record company?

Do you have a large following? If so, then don't hide it. Let the record labels know that with one Facebook post or newsletter, hundreds of people will flock to buy the track.

Are you regularly traveling and hence able to physically promote your music and releases? If you are a regular DJ in a location and have influence around there, perhaps a branch of the record label could be interested. Let them know this info and be detailed about it. Connections get you far in this world.

Is your music up to scratch? Don't worry if you're trying to be a DJ producer but failing. That's normal. Do you really think David Guetta spends his time off stage in a music studio? If you do, then pack up your DJ career now, as you'll only encounter situations where the blind lead the blind. If you haven't got decades of music production experience, then buy ghost productions from our store to cover this aspect.

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Use a team like the best DJs do and learn how to be the best and not how to do it all yourself. There too much to consider and too many roadblocks in your way.

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