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​How to become a DJ with tricks and learning techniques

​How to become a DJ with tricks and learning techniques
By Producerfactory 10 September 2015 1709 Views No comments

How to become a DJ online

Being a DJ online is key aspect of any career within the music industry as a disk jockey. There are options to do online djing and even dj schools you can attend. You can of course watch videos on Youtube or other platforms to get an idea of what doing entails. How to become a DJ is a question often asked and there are many tricks and tips you can benefit from. One of the main key features of any successful DJ career is to have your own music productions to boost your DJ name. You may think, well I only want to DJ and find bookings. To get noticed, having your own music tracks is vital. However don’t worry if you don’t produce music, that’s why we are here to help.

Buying ghost productions as a DJ is standard procedure for the best. We at Producer Factory have the top ghost producers you could ever want to be connected with. Having a source of top quality DJ samples for review and then purchase allows you to focus on how to become a DJ.

Here’s a few djing tips about how to be a DJ:

  1. Decide on a DJ name you want to go with. Something original and can also be chosen using a DJ name generator. I do however recommend it being something personal.
  2. Check whether your DJ name is taken and if the social platforms have them available. Continuity equals recognisability and for fans to easily find you online, it’s best to ensure your online DJ name is clearly presented on any social profile. It’s one of the key features to consider when wondering how to become a DJ online.
  3. Make sure the URL for your dj name is not taken. You can check this using any domain registry website.
  4. If all is in the clear, then make your DJ logo, even if it’s only temporary and create the social profiles and buy the URL.
  5. Now it’s time to build up your DJ music library. This includes making your own beats. Having music tracks under your DJ name is key to exposure. This is the part where Producer Factory comes in. The main decision you need to make is how many music productions you want. We do recommend at least 10 over time to boost your Soundcloud profile. So the best way to approach this is to define a dj style and stick with it. For that reason we suggest to stick with one or two ghost producers who will work on your signature DJ sound.
  6. While the above is going on, set yourself up with some useable DJ equipment and begin practicing DJ mixing techniques. Perhaps you’d like to embark on a DJ course at a school or self learn Either way it’s best to begin early. Of course we also create DJ mixes ready to use so you have a professional DJ mix set to go for your first booking.
  7. When you have your ghost productions you can sell under your DJ name and your social profiles are setup, then it’s time to find bookings and a music label. Do your research first about which music label suits your new DJ style best and apply to as many as possible. They may have requests for specific mixing and mastering techniques, but don’t worry, we can help there. They perhaps also may need remix stems of your DJ songs or even the project file we created for whatever reason. Again, don’t worry and just contact us.
  8. Once accepted to a music label, get going on promoting your DJ songs and name. Boost your profiles further and travel the world being the best DJ using the tricks we offer for you. We’ve done this so many times and can easily do it for you also. Our suggestion is to trust our ghost producers and let us focus on music production whilst you focus on how to become a DJ. I hope these djing tips helped.

Be an online DJ and finding bookings

The internet is a wonderful place to find out how to be a DJ. Before writing this ghost producing blog entry I did some research on what DJs are looking for. It turns out, most search results are about how to DJ, what DJ equipment one should use and also about finding bookings. Of course the last search term is a clear indicator that the DJing basics have been covered and it’s time to move on to making some money within a DJ career. Being the best DJ relies on completing the points listed above. However it then comes down to actually getting DJ gigs. This isn’t as difficult compared to how it used to be, due to social media exploding throughout the internet. You can now connect your DJ name with booking agencies, share your newest release and DJ songs with just one click.

If associated with a music label, they’ll have connections also. It’s part of the benefits of joining one. Not only finding bookings as an online DJ can be helped here, but also getting your DJ songs on distribution platforms is vital. Having a presence on places such as Beatport or iTunes is a must. But though you won’t earn much from Spotify, it’s advertisement for your DJ name nonetheless. So just increase your presence as much as possible, have a strong website that supports your DJ songs being played and a calendar for your up and coming events or DJ gigs.

What DJ software and equipment do you need and are the DJ courses or schools to learn from?

There’s a wide variety of DJ Software available for your djing needs. Please read this blog to understand more about the options available to you. When looking for DJ Software, you can opt to use free DJ software, or the costly applications available such as Traktor 2 pro or any other best suited to your needs. You can also apply for DJ courses in a online DJing school to learn how to get the most out of your equipment and improve your DJ skills.

Let’s list a few items you’ll need to DJ like a pro:

  1. DJ mixer - There are many to choose from and if you know anyone who also DJs, then please do scrape their brain for more info about each piece of equipment.
  2. Music decks - You can opt for either CD or Vinyl here. It also can vary with how many DJ decks you want.
  3. Laptop with DJ Software for mixing purposes.
  4. A library of tracks including your DJ songs or ghost productions.

Read about our ghost producing service online and learn how to become a DJ

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