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How to become a DJ producer

How to become a DJ producer
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How to become a DJ producer

Becoming a DJ producer for us here at Producer Factory is simply a contradiction. Either one focuses on being a DJ, or a music producer. Working on both tasks is inefficient. To be the best DJ possible, one has to implement teamwork and this branches out into many areas of DJ activities. Music producers on the other hand have to invest large amounts of money and time to become the best. DJs have to do the same, but in different areas. Let’s break down the differences and see the clashes more clearly to understand why you shouldn’t think about how to become a DJ producer.

DJ time investment:

  1. Generating awareness towards a DJ name: Building up a social network and online presence.
  2. Finding bookings: Getting connected with a DJ agency and doing promotions.
  3. Traveling to club DJ jobs and events: Every known DJ travels around the world and for those who don’t, this is the goal.
  4. Developing the DJ name: Keeping fans updated and taking interviews.
  5. Creating graphics: Flyers and covers as well as a DJ logo to fit the identity.
  6. Releasing EDM tracks: Distribution control and label changes or signings.
  7. Practicing DJing: Tutorial research and spending time on the decks and within DJ software.
  8. Researching the best DJ tools: Scouring the internet for the best new DJ software tools that can help you perform.
  9. Planning and preparing live sets: Either to DJ online using streaming platforms or simply to get ready for the next DJ job. Sets need to be prepared and well planned. Buying EDM tracks suited to your style and seeing how best to create a DJ mix.
  10. Background video for the VJ: Some DJs have a VJ to create the right atmosphere at events where appropriate. This can be required for some DJ jobs.

This is a generalised list of what a DJ needs to focus on. If you regularly accomplish all these, then you’ll know that it’s very time consuming and requires full focus. The time invested in these points is humungous and to get the most out of your DJ jobs and to have a career as a DJ, then all must be covered. Even considering to create your own music on top of this is simply ridiculous. DJ duos sometimes don’t even manage this when they are two individuals. You need a team to make sure your DJ name gets the most out of it. We’ll now look into the time investment for music producers and then it’ll be clear why you shouldn’t even really consider how to become a DJ producer.

Music producer time investments:

  1. Financial efficiency: Buying production software and hardware for music creation is a very expensive process. A music producer must look at the most financially efficient way to acquire all needed for a home recording studio for music productions. This takes time entering auctions and digging into the dark alleys of the internet for the cheapest deals.
  2. Getting to know music production software and hardware interfaces: This is by no means a small task. Starting with the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton Live or Sonar is mind-blowingly complex, if you want to get the most out of it. This is just the start. Progressing then onto the thousand plus plugins and hardware components one can buy is a whole other level. Not just hours, but years are needed to become a good music producer. This is the main reason why it’s best not to consider how to become a DJ producer.
  3. Home music studio setup: This is very technical and can be done very wrong. The home recording music studio is key to the sound design during production. Getting the most out of your elements before moving on to finalisations of music productions is key.
  4. Learning how to mix and master: You may have thought that music production includes mixing and mastering, but actually this is a technique that again stands alone. This is about as technical as it gets when boosting your EDM tracks to the next level. Mixing and mastering Engineers have a title of their own for good reason. Using different mixing software and mastering hardware, a new door opens where years of practice are needed. Perhaps you can see now that how to become a DJ producer is getting less relevant by the word.
  5. Online presence: Music producers also need an online presence. Socially and by having a website. After huge time and financial investment, music producers need to figure out how to get their money back. Skilled individuals turn to ghost production and becoming a ghost producer here at Producer Factory. But those talented enough are rare to come by, hence our acceptance rate of less than 1%. If a music producer has years of expert experience under their belt and it shows in their music productions or when making a custom ghost production for our EDM DJs, then they can really eat money doing what they do best.
  6. Being hired as a music producer: As the industry seems to frown upon the logical process of teamwork, music producers have a tough time being hired. DJs want their name on the cover and theirs alone. This is obviously smart as it’s their brand that needs promoting. The producer is not looking to be on-stage and is happy to simply get paid and left alone in their home recording studio. It’s a win win and propaganda is trying to turn people off from this concept as it threatens their monopolising prospects.

How to become a DJ producer is not only lacking feasibility, but it’s just plain ridiculous i you want to be the best DJ out there. It’s either choosing one route or another. Multitasking is time wasting in this case and also financially unsound. If you have the means to invest in both routes, then you’re well off enough to not really care about any work and can simply market the hell out of your DJ name and generate interest without delay.

How to release EDM track if producing is not feasible as a DJ?

The only sensible method as mentioned above is teamwork. If you’re looking to release top quality EDM tracks, but want to DJ instead of produce music, then you must think about how best to achieve that goal. There are a couple of routes you can take. Hire for remixes, custom ghost productions or in-store ghost productions. From what we’ve heard, the best method to a high release rate of EDM tracks is to hire ghost producers for your key elements that will be hits, such as a known track remix, or custom ghost production suited to your style on a monthly basis. Then on top of this, buying quick EDM release material from the store.

Our in-store ghost productions do come with remix stems, DAW project file and much more. These are sometimes costing extra, but the in-store option is always the cheapest. If you’ve read this blog about how to be a DJ producer and release EDM tracks, then send us this link with your remix, custom ghost production request to hire a ghost producer, or before purchasing an in-store ghost production and you’ll get an extra 10% off any purchase.

We want you to thrive as a DJ and if you’re taking the time to read our posts and learn, then you’re the type of customer we really want. Motivated and passionate DJs like yourself are exactly what the industry needs and we’re here to welcome you with open arms. Paste this URL into your request for a 10% discount off any order or project. This offer is not stackable.