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How to become a DJ | Easy 3 steps

How to become a DJ | Easy 3 steps
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Becoming a DJ is not easy, especially with all the competition that is out there today. EDM DJs have a tough time reaching the top as it becomes easier to be a DJ. This in turn floods the market with individuals who dilute your DJ name and brand a thousand fold. Now more than ever, if you want to become a professional DJ then the key factor is to stand out. Many achieve this with original ideas when considering to become a DJ, but for many, it’s best to stick to the norm and follow our plan to stand out. The best and quickest answer to how to become a DJ is simply learn using YouTube and lessons, practice and let us make your next EDM ghost production release.

What is a ghost production and how will it help me become a DJ?

Over the years we’ve been online, we’ve helped many become a DJ by offering the service of selling ghost productions in the EDM genes. Not only out of our store, but also custom made to any DJ specification to gain attention from DJ agencies and to get more bookings. The same also goes for remixes, where our clients would send over the remix stems and we’d work with them on the remix project. Remix songs are also a wonderful way to ride the wave of a successful track, without financial gain, but to build up a strong and passionate fanbase.

A ghost production is nothing spooky, well at least not anymore. It’s a music production that is made by a producer, who sells the work without wanting to be credited. This allows our clients (DJs) to buy them exclusively and release them under their name alone. Some disagree with this process, but these are the blind led by the blind. Those who lack ambition and don’t see that ghost productions run the industry. the faster you team up with an excellent producer, the better. How to become a DJ is rather irrelevant when DJ Software can pretty much do the job for you, it really comes down to building up a fanbase large enough that labels are attracted, DJ agencies and many more. So focus on becoming a DJ and jumping into the professional ranks. Don’t hang about wondering what if etc. Just follow the simple set of tasks that the stars do and make your DJ passion a reality.

How to become a professional DJ? Easy to follow steps.

Firstly, make sure that your DJ name is individual and do read our DJ name generator blog article to find out more. Here you’ll see what to look out for when deciding which DJ name you should use to front your career.

Secondly, create your social profiles to create your story about how you become a DJ. Don’t forget to create a website. We can help here if you need. Please read this about making your DJ website. It includes what to consider when having one made. Either we can do it for you, or just learn some tips and hints to help your own development.

Thirdly, marketing and this includes offering your DJ services for free. You must create a fanbase admirable to any DJ agency or music label. Offer some gifts, tickets, tutorials, anything to help capture the attention of your potential fans.

Finally, build up a strong music portfolio. When considering how to become a professional DJ, then EDM music tracks is the way forward. Avicii isn’t famous for his spinning the decks skills. It’ because of this top quality and catchy releases. Our award winning ghost producers can also make any catchy release for you. EDM is a formula and our producers know what’s in and what’s not. Trust our professionals and become a DJ that everyone is keen to see and follow today.

How to become a famous DJ, answered below

Becoming a famous DJ is obviously the dream one wishes to achieve. Follow the lead of David Guetta, Avicii, Skrillex and many more. Release your own EDM tracks and get the fanbase you deserve. By following the trend and buying ghost productions, hiring music producers as ghost producers and getting your EDM hits made to your specifications, you’re on the right track to figuring out how become a famous DJ.

Learn more from our ghost producing blog and find the right ghost producer for you in our selection of award winning production artists. Music producers are rare to come by and we have the handful of top experts you really need on your team.

We want you to thrive as a DJ and if you’re taking the time to read our posts and learn, then you’re the type of customer we really want. Motivated and passionate DJs like yourself are exactly what the industry needs and we’re here to welcome you with open arms. Paste this URL into your request for a 10% discount off any order or project. This offer is not stackable.